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A great coffee makes your day better

Coffee with latte art is always beautiful. Especially one like that's so exquisite. This is definitely one of the best cup of coffee I ever had (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

A day out with my lovelys

A chillax day of just chit chatting

Saturday Noon

Lunch at PLQ with my favourites.. Pasta and coffee with a view surrounded by greenery. It's been a long time since I enjoyed such lush greenery. The environment was really nice to me and relaxing. Outdoors but the climate was still very nice even though there was some drizzling..

White flowers

White and beautiful.. they are still beautiful even though many were falling off from their stalks.. no matter how many times, I still think it's a beautiful sight..

Different views

How would you judge me if you don't know me? Or would you think that I'm just a normal girl who is open to showing? I choose this as I love unconventional things in life sometimes.. and today is the day I choose to display them to the people I trust. Insecurities exists when you fear but disappear when you are with the right groups and places..

Thank you for being there for me and giving me what I need

I am confident that no matter what happens in the future, we will always be able to prove that our friendship is made of gold..

Favourite things in 2020!

There are so much brands and products out in the market recently that sometimes I forgot what are the good brands and best buys after pausing to try out some new brands and products. With this in mind, I have decided to consolidate them together as a post to summarize my top few fave picks in 2020. Hopefully doing this will help me to remember them and have a reference when I wish to repurchase them!

Recommendation #1

Apieu Daily Red Tea Mask

I found this brand during my Korea trip in 2018 and bought it purely out of curiosity due their innovative product, great packaging and great prices. It was a very small brand startup but the staffs was very helpful and honest when promoting to me. Despite most of them are not well trained in English, they did their best to explain the product and introducing the best items. I rarely have a special love on any mask brands but this has proven to me that the effect of the mask is great for both my skin and pocket 😄

Review Score: 4/5

Recommendation #2

Yves Rocher Sleeping Care For Damaged Hair with Jojoba Oil

One of the magical items you must use if you have damaged hair. I have frizzy and damaged hair for the whole of my life and this is the only product that saved my hair. Having tried multiples type of hair treatment, masks, conditioners and stuffs... None of them helped me except for this. It's slightly pricier than others but it's really solves damage hair problems! I love this ❤️

Review Score: 5/5

Recommendation #3

Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner

Non-smudge, easy and smooth to apply, thin tip and long lasting. This is the best brand of eyeliner I ever had.

Review Score: 5/5

Recommendation #4

Eu Yan Sang Premium Snow Hashima 6

One of the best dessert you can ever have at home! Chill it in the fridge and you can just pop it open for drinking 😆 Made with all natural ingredients and great for beauty care regime, this is the best! ❤️

Review Score: 5/5

Recommendation #5

Innisfree Second Skin Mask

This is one of the coolest piece of mask ever invented. The mask sheet is made using soybean and it's really fitting like a second skin. Price is higher than most masks but it really brings back the skin radiance! My fave mask to use when I need a good fix! 💓 The leftover essences also dries up nicely and there is no sticky and oily aftermath giving a smooth and velvety feel! 🥰

Review Score: 5/5