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my offerings🧚🏽‍♀️

what if you knew that your wounds were the gateway into your next level, higher vibrational self?

can you even imagine who you are without the conditioning and programming of your past?

i empower women to re-connect with their body to reclaim themselves by healing their inner child and transform their trauma into ascension.

no longer bound by the pain we try to resist, we can begin to embody our highest selves and transform our lives.

that limitless version of you is waiting to be born.

i work with heart centred women worldwide who are ready to face the shadows, shed the old layers and grow their own wings.

are you ready to vibrate higher? 🦋✨


N.B all package prices tailored individually to your unique needs + flexible payment plans available

🦋1:1 coaching packages
3 month ranges from £595-£1,111
6 month ranges from £895-£1,982

↳ a uniquely tailored space for you to reconnect with your inner child, identify and reprogram your core limiting beliefs and work with your emotions to transmute your wounds into freedom.
- reprogram limiting beliefs
- the art of re-parenting yourself
- unblock and reactivate your chakras
- learn the art of embodiment to self heal and shift into your highest self
- free patterns of co-dependency, trauma bonding and people pleasing
- heal your relationships
- learn transferrable tools to connect to higher consciousness to self heal

🧚🏽‍♀️90 minute session
£111 *first time offer then elevates to £150*
*limited to one every 3 months*

↳ an instant healing session to dive into one block that keeps reappearing and through the technique of ThetaHealing, we will resurface, shift and reprogram your subconscious pattern in just one session.
- reprogram subconscious belief that is holding you back
- heal a fear/phobia
- chakra realignment
- connect with your guardian angels

🌙healing circle - every 2 weeks

↳ an intimate sacred space of like-hearted souls to share, connect and heal collectively online.
- new themes each circle
- limited to 5 people per circle
- all virtual via Zoom

book in a free 30 minute intro call to explore your needs below or email me to discuss further: [email protected]

Jadie x

Return To Origin

the communal healing experience

Moving from the head-space into the heart-space

Is your soul searching for a gateway to your healing in a way that feels safe, supported and gentle?

Are you deeply ready to release the past so you can embody the present?

Are you craving a community that just gets you? A space where you can speak your truth without the fear of being judged or ridiculed? A space where you are given the permission to drop the masks and feel comfortable being seen for you?

You have probably identified patterns that are running your life but you know deep in your soul that this is not a true reflection of who you are or who you want to be. These patterns may have served you before, you may have become an expert at putting a blind eye to them but you know it’s time to stop and face what’s really going on behind the failed relationships, the fear and sabotaging habits. You desperately want to feel secure and fully in love with yourself but you know there is some work required in order to truthfully embody the beautiful expansive being you are.

Introducing Return To Origin, a gentle safe gateway to your truest embodiment, a cocooned unity of community, compassion and connection. An invitation to be seen and loved for everything you are and everything you are becoming. Healing can be an emotionally intense journey and our soul NEEDS connection to thrive therefore I have created an intimate space accessible for just 6 like-hearted individuals to learn, shed and evolve over a series of 3 months.

There will be sharing, shedding and shifting through a concoction of meditations, journalling, group coaching, somatic practices, ThetaHealing and art. Each month, we will focus on a theme that aims to unpack, process and implement the learnings of inner child healing. Intertwined with the most gentle soothing techniques and support to ensure you are held every step of the way.


month 1: exploring your inner child wounds
- triggers/unmet needs
- core limiting beliefs
- attachment types
- conditioned patterns
- self-soothing techniques

month 2: coming home
- building self-trust
- learning to listen to your intuition
- boundaries
- detaching from ancestral patterns (what doesn't belong to you)

month 3: embodiment
- coming back into the body
- embodiment of highest self
- authentic expression


This space feels very sacred to me and I am incredibly precious over the energy I welcome in and how valued the energy is. Therefore, I would love to welcome you in if..

You are searching for a gentle, safe gateway to your healing journey where you feel heard, seen and held

You have identified conditioned patterns that are no longer in alignment or serving you and wanting to understand deeply where these have derived from and how to work through them

Your soul is deeply craving intimate community connection and healing

You recognise you are capable of shifting your limiting beliefs and patterns but need to feel safe and held doing so

You want to create an unshakable relationship with yourself

You are ready for expansion, ascension and to take deep ownership of your life

WHAT YOU GET (in a nutshell)

6 big-hearted souls
1 focused healing theme p/m
2 1-hour community coaching calls p/m
On-going Facebook community/group chat
Self-soothing techniques/journal prompts/meditations/ThetaHealing etc.


Introductory investment price: £444
(monthly payment plans available)
*First week offer applies until Sunday 11th July - After Sunday 11th price up-levels*


I trust that you know if this feels like a YES to you. And I trust that you will honour that intuitive nudge. But if you would like to discuss this further with me, my DM’s are always open to answer any questions or even to offer you some peace of mind in your decision making.

*Applications close Thursday 15th July*
Program starts Monday 19th July

I cannot WAIT to hold this space for you as you begin to stretch out in your life.

All my love