inner child healing • somatic meditation • emotional alchemy

journey into the portal of your inner world

Surrender to being wholly and completely held as you journey into the deepest portals of your inner emotional world. Be guided to unravel back the layers of conditioning and trauma as the light of truth is revealed.

Learn to hold yourself deeply and lovingly through whatever is alive within your sensory experience in the present moment, as you purge and release old wounds.

Become conscious of the bodys whispers and nudges as you intuitively alchemise your trauma into truth.

Be with the body. Be with the heart. Quieten the mind.

What journeying with me will involve:
• Be deeply held as I facilitate a safe space to journey deep into your inner sensory experience to uncover old emotional wounds

• Self regulation: practice how to self soothe without relying on external antidotes

• Through meditative practice, learn how to observe rather than absorb your emotional experience

• Learning the language of your body through it’s sensations and somatic symptoms

• Building an intimate, sensual and loving relationship with the body

• Tap into your feminine and masculine energy to fully embody your highest self

• Exercising your intuition to trust your heart over your minds conditioned thoughts

• Resurfacing, releasing and purging stagnant or suppressed emotions and beliefs to create space for love to empower

🕊 1:1 packages - 3 month £999*
🤍 1:1 90 minute one off - £111**
🦋 ThetaHealing*** session - £111

To book a free no strings attached 30 minute introductory call to assess if my services are what you need, please click the link below - I look forward to reconnecting🤍

* flexible plans available
** limited to one every 3 months
*** an healing modality that uses a meditative practice to dive into one block that keeps reappearing and through activating the brain wave, Theta, we will resurface, shift and reprogram your subconscious pattern in one session