...I’m Jen!

Hey friend, my name is Jen... short for Jenilee. 🤗

At Java with Jen, my aim is to encourage and challenge you in learning to hear God’s voice better, with really practical, really fun conversations about everything that real life throws at us (as women) and how to follow Holy Spirit’s lead in it all. As a Pastor, boy-mom of four, and wardrobe stylist, you’ll catch me talking about Jesus, family and fashion... and the adventure it all becomes when you’re being led by your friend, the Holy Spirit!

And the best part is, we don’t have to pretend to be perfect about it. Be sure to hang till the end of my episodes for the life-hacks to make your life easier!

Life’s Messy, Keep it Simple.
Learning to hear God’s voice for every-day life!

Listener Favorites!

Unsure where to start listening? Here are some of my listeners’ favorite episodes!

Ep13: Learning to hear God’s Voice pt. 2

We all want to know what God is saying to us for our life... and the good news is you can LEARN to recognize his voice.

This is the second episode in a short series about learning to hear God’s voice. Don’t miss the first episode where I lay some really important ground work. Enjoy!

Ep9- For those Mommas who Miss the Lord!

This episode is a personal favorite as I share something the lord spoke so kindly to me that FREED me from the guilt of it being so hard to find time to connect with him as a mom. What he spoke freed my heart and helped me tap into a totally new way of growing in Him even with the busyness of little ones. If you’ve struggled to get time with Jesus and felt guilty over it, this one is for you!

Ep 8: Daring to Dream w/Manwell Reyes

Musician, Actor & Podcaster (& Husband to Comedian Anjelah Johnson) shares personal glimpses into his journey & faith as he pursued and achieved his life dream! You’ll be inspired & empowered by this one!

Ep4: Life Giving Discipline w/Jen

Parenting is hard. Disciplining our kids is even harder. In this episode I share some principles that helped me make discipline more positive and helped me feel like I was still loving my child’s heart. It’s still going to be tough, but these pointers will really help!