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Need some shorts, skirts, pants, etc. for your 18" dolls? You've come to the right place!

Wax String Bracelets!

The perfect accessory for your 18" doll, these super stylish bracelets are not only adjustable, but also waterproof! With 9 different styles to choose from, from Beachy to Bumble Bee, these adjustable braclets are perfect for your 18" doll!

$4 each, free shipping to the U.S.

American Girl 35th birthday inspired special edition beaded bracelets!

These beaded bracelets were made in honor of the 35th anniversary dolls American Girl released for their birthday recently. The colors chosen reflect the colors in the original meet outfits of the dolls, and the green in Felicity's is inspired by her vibrant eyes!
$2.50 each, free shipping to the U. S.

Custom Beaded Bracelets!

What will your custom bracelet say?

These super cute and totally trendy bracelets are made with MINI pony beads and elastic thread, so they fit perfectly on an 18" doll's wrist!

And yes, custom means that YOU get to pick which colors and letters I use to make your bracelets!

You can pick up to 3 different colors, and up to 5 letter (or number!) beads for your bracelet.

$1.50 each, free shipping to the U.S.

  1. Colors!


    The colors you can choose from are as pictured:
    And also blue, pictured above in the example bracelets.

  2. Letter, Numbers, and Hearts!

    Letter, Numbers, and Hearts!

    These are some of the letter and number beads you can choose from.
    I have each of the 26 letters of the English alphabet, and the numbers from 0-9.
    Also these four different heart beads!

  3. Order Form

    Since these bracelets are custom orders, it is a little more complicated to order, so to make it as easy as possible I made an Order Form!
    All you have to do is copy the form, and paste it into an email to me.

    Fill out the form by putting an "X" next to the colors you have chosen, and type out exactly which letter/number/heart beads you want, and then under quantity, simply say how many bracelets you want me to make following the pattern you have chosen.

    Want to buy more than one design? Just repeat the process of copying the form and paste it into a separate email. There is no limit to how many different designs you make, just be sure to send me a separate email for each one.

    Here is an order form EXAMPLE:
    Custom Beaded Braclets Order Form


    Letters, numbers, or hearts:


    That is what a completed order form would look like for the "Molly" bracelet in the product photo at the top of this page.

    If you don't want any letter/number/heart beads, type out "N/A" in the designated area so I know to just use the color beads.

    Here is the order form, please copy ONLY the section in between the arrows to paste into your order email.

    Custom Beaded Braclets Order Form


    Letters, numbers, or hearts:




Need help keeping your 18" doll's hair up? Problem solved!

If you want to keep your dolls hair neat without using awkward rubber bands or easy to lose mini hair ties, or just want a trendy accessory for their wrist, these scrunchies are for YOU! Perfectly designed to fit an 18" doll, and 9 different styles to choose from you can't go wrong with these fashionable scrunchies!

$4 each, free shipping to the U. S.

Baseball Caps!

An essential for humans and dolls alike!

A must-have!
With a stabilized bill and elastic in the back to fit, these baseball caps are made to last. Don't miss out on this perfect addition to your doll headwear collection!

$18 each

How to Order! —

Everything you need to know to place an order here at Jessica's Doll Designs :)

To purchase an item, simply click the "Buy Now" button under the item of choice. This will take you to a page where you can easily pay with PayPal (other payment options are available as well).

If you want to purchase more than one item and don't want to go through the separate transactions for each item, please send me an email letting me know what items you would like to purchase. I will make up a specific PayPal invoice for you to make it easier.

➡️➡️All listed prices have shipping included for the 48 contiguous United States.⬅️⬅️

If you live outside of said area, please email me so I can calculate an exact shipping price for you.

I'm sorry, but no returns are accepted at this time.

You can also find the link to my email address and my Instagram account on the "My Links" page of this website.

PLEASE don't hesitate to contact me (Through email or Instagram direct message) if you have any questions or concerns!
If you are having trouble navigating the site, would like more information on any items for sale, or have any other concerns, feel free to reach out!

About Jessica's Doll Designs!

U. S. based online shop for 18inch doll clothing and accessories :)

Hello everyone!!!
Welcome to Jessica's Doll Designs!
My name is Jessica of course, I am 19 years old, and have loved American Girl since I was 7ish 😆 My first AG doll was Molly 🥰 and now my doll family has grown to 11 AG, 2 Our Generation, 1 Bitty Twin and 1 Bitty Baby 😄
My favorite historical character is Melody Ellison and my favorite Girl of the Year is a (very) close tie between Mia and Saige 😁
I have been sewing for around 6 years now and have been making doll clothes since I first started!
I am new to online selling but I am very excited to start, so thank you for your support!

Jessica's Doll Designs

Green & Purple Flannel

Green & purple plaid flannel shirt. Front pocket. Button up.

Jessica's Doll Designs

Messenger Bag SOLD OUT

Brown faux leather messenger bag. Can be worn over the shoulder or crossbody. Adjustable strap to secure top flap down. Fully lined.

Jessica's Doll Designs

White Button Up SOLD OUT

Plain short-sleeved white button up top.

Jessica's Doll Designs

Black Button Up

Plain long-sleeved black button up shirt.

Jessica's Doll Designs

Jumper Dress SOLD OUT

Blue patterned jumper dress. Velcro closure in back.

Jessica's Doll Designs

Sweater Vest SOLD OUT

Grey cable knit sweater vest. Oversized fit. Pullover style.

Jessica's Doll Designs

Black Turtleneck SOLD OUT

Black knit turtleneck sweater. Oversized fit. Pullover style. So soft, the pictures do not do it justice!

Jessica's Doll Designs

Corduroy Waistcoat/Vest SOLD OUT

Mustard yellow waistcoat/vest. Adjustable strap in back. Fitted. Two snaps in front. Buttons are just for show. Lined

Jessica's Doll Designs

Green Waistcoat/Vest

Dark green printed waistcoat/vest. Adjustable strap in back. Two snaps in front. Fitted. Lined.

Jessica's Doll Designs

Pleated Trousers

Black & white patterned pleated wide leg trousers. Elastic waistband.

Jessica's Doll Designs

Khaki Trousers SOLD OUT

Khaki pleated skinny leg trousers. Elastic waistband.
(tiny stain on front, discounted accordingly)

Jessica's Doll Designs

Black Miniskirt

Black pinstripe miniskirt. Elastic waistband.
(Discounted price, there is a tiny hole on the back of the skirt)

Jessica's Doll Designs

Olive Green Skirt SOLD OUT

Olive green pleated button down skirt. Full length. High waisted.