About Jon Binnie

My Mission; Raise the vibrations & clear the darkness of billions of hearts ♥️

Since 2017 I have been meditating every day, and channeling messages from my guides which I turn into songs. Since early 2021 I began offering 1:1 and group sessions to; Clear Darkness, Heal, Activate Gifts and peform Soul Retrievals.

You can find me on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Patreon, Facebook, and more! ❤

Darkness Clearing Sessions

Buy Now! Darkness Clearing & Healing Session with Jon Binnie

Click on the link below to buy a session for Darkness Clearing & Healing with Jon Binnie.

Sessions are one hour long. They are 1:1 private meetings with Jon using Zoom video and audio. You can install Zoom free of charge on your mobile, tablet or computer.

During the session Jon will set up a safe space around you, and take you into a deep guided meditation where he brings in your spirit team to work through darkness clearing, healing and soul retrieval.

Jon will also create and record a song with you during the session, so that you can go back and listen any time.

All sessions and songs are recorded, for you to watch and share at any time.

Client Testimonial

Testimonial from the beautiful soul Marija Zorić for the Darkness Clearing and Healing session I gave her. In her session we cleared her body, home and space. We went back in time to heal a past life, and we also performed a soul retrieval to bring all parts of her soul together again as one whole soul.

Please see below for links to her beautiful session, and her song written during the session.

Jon Binnie on YouTube

Darkness Clearing & Healing

In addition to high vibe music, my YouTube channel includes client sessions of darkness clearing and healing, together with thier testimonials.

Please do watch one some of the videos below to get a feel for how my clients benefit from my sessions.

YouTube - Testimonials and Sessions
  1. Sam - Testimonial Darkness Clearing

  2. Janine Testimonial

  3. Janine - Darkness Clearing & Healing Session

  4. Marija - Darkness Clearing & Soul Retrieval

  5. Guided Darkness Healing & Clearing Session

  6. Nancy - Darkness Clearing & Healing Session