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Hi, I’m Rachel and this is just because it’s pretty.

Welcome to my lifestyle account & brand where I’m passionate about sharing all of the pretty things in life with you!

On @justbecauseitspretty, you will find all of my secrets to a prettier life... from fashion, to food, to all my favorite finds ... and even some DIY projects, pretty parties, and so much more! ✨

I hope to inspire you & be your daily resource to living your prettiest life!

Xoxo, Rachel 💕

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Pretty Creations

The prettiest, and my favorite, DIY projects that you can do anywhere at any time!

DIY Canvas

I just settled into my apartment at NYC, and decorated with this DIY #banksy inspired canvas. See how it makes my living space prettier ✨

See My Pretty Canvas Creation

Valentine’s Candy Charcuterie Board

Happy Love Day! You already know that I have a thing for creating pretty candy charcuterie boards for every occasion, and Valentine’s Day was no exception!

See My Vday Charcuterie Now

Pretty Bagels

Introducing a pretty little tip this Tuesday, check out my latest reel on how to make your bagel prettier ✨

Make Your Bagel Prettier Now

Pretty Oreo Cookie Jar

Make your kitchen a little prettier with this oreo cookie jar!

Learn to Make this Oreo Cookie Jar

DIY Half & Half Jeans

The best way to upgrade your jeans without the price tag... all you need is bleach, water, & jeans!

Learn How To Make These Trendy Jeans

Mood Board

#justbecause the best way to get inspired is with a mood board! Check out what my 2021 mood board & learn how to make one for yourself! ...sound on!

Learn How to Make a Mood Board

Gingerbread House Mug Buddies

These tiny, gingerbread houses add a pretty festive touch to your favorite hot beverage! It’s the perfect way to make your drinks prettier over the holidays.

Where to buy these pretty treats

Half & Half Champion Sweatshirt

Transform any old sweatshirt to a pretty new one that’s also one-of-a-kind! This one was made for my #12daysofpretty presents, but you can easily do this at home with any sweatshirts that you have!

Learn how to make this pretty sweatshirt

Candy Charcuterie Board

The prettiest candy board you’ve ever seen! This is such a fun DIY you can do for any holiday or event. Here is the one I created for Halloween. #charBOOterie, you can check out my other candy charcuterie boards in my reels!

Watch me make the prettiest candy board

Retro Treat Oven

These retro ovens are great for all cupcakes & treats. They’re easy to make and add the perfect, prettiest touch to any party!

See how I made this pretty DIY treat box

iOS 14 Home Screen

Do you have an iPhone? Have you updated to iOS14? Learn my pretty secrets to making your phone screen the prettiest... sharing my favorite apps & how I designed my own screen!

Learn how to make your home screen prettier here

Olive Oil Cookies

Just because these cookies are PRETTY delicious! Simple, yet so yummy that you’ll eat the whole batch! 😋

Learn how to make these pretty cookies

Upgrade Your Computer Folders

Whether you’re working from home or shopping online, here’s a way to make your screen a little prettier by customizing your desktop folders!

See my pretty folder designs


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I would love to connect and discuss how we can work together! I am always open to pretty ideas and would love to get creative with how I can best support you & your brand!

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