Advantages of being a Monat VIP Member

One time membership fee of 19.99 and free shipping over $84 - you will receive 15% to 25% off retail price! So the more you buy the more you save. All you have to do is order on a flexship twice within the year and products can be changed for your convenience!

Also with every order you will receive a limited edition product, a birthday treat and access to exclusive flash sales!

It only makes sense - why waste money on drug store brands filled with chemicals?!

Monat products are naturally based and DO NOT CONTAIN SLS, SLES, PARABENS, HARSH SALT SYSTEMS, PHTHALATES, POLYETHYLENE GYLCOL, DEA/MEA OR HARMFUL COLORS OR HARMFUL FRAGRANCES. All products are leaping bunny certified, and cruelty free and vegan 🌱


Become a Market Partner

I became a Market Partner because I believe in what MONAT stands for!

A little background: I’ve always been that person who does only organic and all natural for over 10 years now. It all started when my husband worked in a store that only sold all natural and organic products/food. He would come home with all these new and interesting products that I started to label read everything (I still do it!) And then we had kids - and my obsession with label reading and being conscience with what I had in our house was on another level. Which is why I became a MP for Monat - it’s family friendly for myself, husband, kids and our dog! (Yes there is a pet line!)

You want a side hustle, a job, or just money?!!! It doesn’t matter what your reason is. Check out my IG stories under “market partner” to get a better understanding. And any questions please reach out!

MPs get 30% off products, 15% off commissions on VIP orders, a monthly bonus check - so when you sell you get paid up to 5xs a month! No experience is needed, you get the training you need 24/7, and you learn from amazing mentors!

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Skin Care

Skin is in!

Let’s customize some natural products for your skin routine. 🌱

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