I started doing nagomi art in July 2021 when a friend introduced to me one day.

I started reading on nagomi and how it helps for our mental wellness and self care.

Being in a stressful environment, i reckon it is very important for self care, self love, and found that art therapy is really soothing to the mind, heart and soul.

𝐖𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐢𝐬 𝐏𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐥 𝐍𝐚𝐠𝐨𝐦𝐢 𝐀𝐫𝐭?
PNA was founded by Mr Hosoya Norikatsu in 2002. He chose pastel as the medium to create beautiful, warm and gentle-toned artwork through simple but unique techniques.

It is accessible to anyone from the very young to young at heart. It is intended as an art form for ordinary people, where beautiful pieces can be created within 20mins at ease.

One need not be a skilled artist to enjoy the mange benefits it brings. These include self-fulfilment, self-satisfaction, self-affirmation, self-love, an uplifted sense of pride and confidence along with sheer joy.

The process of painting will calm one’s feelings and awaken hope in the hearts. One’s joy is multiples when the art form is shared with others.

  1. Jewels of Japan- Japanese outdoor onsen

    Jewels of Japan- Japanese outdoor onsen

  2. Happy Mother’s Day

    Happy Mother’s Day

  3. Resurrection Sunday

    Resurrection Sunday

  4. 多谢你


  5. 希望之光


  6. 花舞 (original by Kayo Haniya)

    花舞 (original by Kayo Haniya)

  7. Angel on cloud

    Angel on cloud

  8. 放天灯。许愿


  9. It’s me, like Chagall

    It’s me, like Chagall

  10. Flowers will bloom

    Flowers will bloom

  11. Fireworks is so beautiful

    Fireworks is so beautiful

  12. My flow of time

    My flow of time

  13. 生命的源头


    This is the blastocyst implantation of my 1st IVF. While thinking of the theme new creation. new life, I thought of this almost immediately as a cell is a possibility of a new life that can be growing inside of me. This image is drawn from a day 5 blastocyst.

    I may forget how the IVF journey after many years, this blastocyst may not continue to grow in me, but this moment, it remains as a memory I cherish.

    Whilst looking at my blastocyst to draw, I saw a little child in it.

  14. Nostalgic childhood

    Nostalgic childhood

    In my growing up days, mum was quite strict with me with what I could eat or drink. Paddle pop ice cream is one of the few ice cream I remembered eating.

    With the colours in paddle pop, it also helps brighten the mood whenever I’m down.

  15. 世界唯一的一朵花


    One of the first Japanese song I’ve learnt back in my secondary days when a friend sang this song to me, I translated it as I did not understand Japanese. I loved the lyrics and it was one of my favourite song.

    We are all special and unique in our own way, just like no flower is the same as another. We humans blossomed and bloomed in our own unique way.

  16. JPHAA Associate Instructor Course

    JPHAA Associate Instructor Course

  17. 愤怒


  18. 信仰


  19. 情爱。罗曼蒂克


  20. 火车窗外


  21. 希望。童年


  22. 气味


  23. 秋叶


  24. 彩虹与灯塔


  25. 埃及之星


  26. 感恩。秋翳


  27. 冬季聖節树


  28. 神秘的树林与湖


  29. 极光之丘


  30. 希望之丘


  31. 堤防上的樱花树


  32. 山丘与树


  33. 花儿


  34. 缘。圆


  35. Snow princess

    Snow princess

  36. Christmas Wreath

    Christmas Wreath

  37. Christmas Dangles

    Christmas Dangles

  38. Milk n cookie for Santa

    Milk n cookie for Santa

  39. A slice of lychee martini log cake

    A slice of lychee martini log cake

  40. Christmas special• Lantern

    Christmas special• Lantern

  41. Pasterior Sho Certification Day 2

    Pasterior Sho Certification Day 2

  42. Pasterio Sho- Butterfly

    Pasterio Sho- Butterfly

  43. Pasterio Sho- Moonlit Night

    Pasterio Sho- Moonlit Night

  44. Pasterio Sho- Breeze

    Pasterio Sho- Breeze

  45. Pasterio Sho- Meteror

    Pasterio Sho- Meteror

  46. Pasterio Sho- Snow

    Pasterio Sho- Snow

  47. Pasterio Sho- Dream

    Pasterio Sho- Dream

  48. Pasterior Sho Certification Day 1

    Pasterior Sho Certification Day 1

  49. Pasterior Sho- Love

    Pasterior Sho- Love

  50. Pasterior Sho- Luck

    Pasterior Sho- Luck

  51. Pasterior Sho- Sea

    Pasterior Sho- Sea

  52. Pasterior Sho- Rainbow

    Pasterior Sho- Rainbow

  53. Pasterior Sho- Flower

    Pasterior Sho- Flower

  54. Pasterior Sho- Prayer

    Pasterior Sho- Prayer

  55. White Christmas

    White Christmas

  56. Aerial Rose Trial

    Aerial Rose Trial

  57. Starry night

    Starry night

  58. Sustainability


  59. Let it snow

    Let it snow

  60. Sakura


  61. Happy Cup Cats

    Happy Cup Cats

  62. Happy Halloween

    Happy Halloween

  63. Let it Brew

    Let it Brew

  64. Rainbow clouds

    Rainbow clouds

  65. Autumn leaves

    Autumn leaves

  66. Spring


  67. Resilient


  68. National Day

    National Day

  69. Let it Snow

    Let it Snow

  70. Four Seasons

    Four Seasons

  71. Journey of Love

    Journey of Love

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Recommendation #5- Maymom flange

Wanna introduce you guys the maymom flange.

What I like about this is that it is possible to buy the flange to the correct size eg. 13mm/14mm/15mm

The normal flange that all pumps comes with is either 21mm/24mm/27mm which is too big for Asian women. Well, at least for me I’m only a 15mm.

It took me a few months pp to try and figure out all these. As ftm, I was noob in this field as I’ve never been exposed to all these before. I thought I was 24mm, until I was hospitalised and govt hospital gave me a 27mm and said that was my size. So I thought “ohhh! 24mm is wrong. Im a 27mm”. Purchased a set of 27mm from mummy market, only to realised that I had nipple tear from the 27mm.

Only after the 3rd month pp that I seek a professional help from a LC, then I realised I’m a 15-16mm. But at that point? I had already purchased 5 diff pumps.

So what did I do initially. I put a 15mm insert into one of the maymom flange I previously gotten.. but I recently got to find out that they do have actual sizes!!! Check out my video to see the difference!!! I really love it cos with the actual size flange, I really maximise all the liquid gold for my baby!!

If you’re a low supply mum like me, this is what you really will need.

Maymom flange + valve

Recommendation #4 - Wake the crew Brazil Santos Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

You guys know I’m a coffee lover right??? Did u also know I got my hubby to like coffee too??? It all started from our home Nespresso… He’s always asking me “Starbucks”, “coffee bean”, “luckin” bla bla bla…

Got to chance upon this coffee concentrate with beans from Brazil and decided to make some home made cold brew latte and let him try

Him: it’s very smooth!!!
Me: you need sugar syrup?
Him: no need! It’s already sweet enough
Me(thinking): are you sure!!! Usually he ask for extra pump of sugar syrup!!! I have to taste it… omgosh! It’s really sweet… and A grade!!!

I asked him the next day.
Me: you want luckin or Starbucks today?
Him: can u make me that cup again? I want it…

What’s next… you know it!!!

Coffee concentrate
Lots of love brewing😘

Description of this coffee:
Single Origin Brazil Santoscoffee concentrate are perfect for creamy and milky coffee lovers. Each 500ml bottle can make 8-10 servings of cold brew.

Filtered Water, coffee beans

Keto friendly, Diabetes friendly, Sugar free

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Wake the crew Brazil Santos Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

Recommendation #3- baby high chair (stokke inspired)

The chair is made of quality solid wood and coated with non-toxic paint.

It’s easy to even get baby A to sit on it a few times to adjust the height.. that’s how sturdy it is.

In my video I installed the seats wrongly, but very easily rectified

Overall, this chair is sturdy and super affordable (especially when there’s vouchers and Shopee coins) 😉

Stokke inspired baby high chair

Recommendation #2- Berry Quick Porridge

My daughter absolutely loves this porridge and finished the entire sample when we happened to chance upon it.

Do you know?
With no addictives or preservatives, this Berry quick porridge is suitable for infants around 8months old.

This Berry quick porridge is rich in Rice Berry - a hydro take rice that has a reddish black colour when raw, and turns purplish black when cooked.

Rice berry has the benefits:
• High in Omega-3
• Rich in Antioxidant
• Rich in Anthocyanin
•more fibre than white rice

Berry Quick Porridge

Recommendation #1 - Wakodo Japan Pancake Mix

Wakodo Japan Pancake Mix for kids

It’s so easy to do and instructions were so clear. Just add the ratio of powder premix: water - 2:1

2 spoon of premix powder makes about 4 mini pancakes

See my IG stories to see how I made this

Wakodo Japan Pancake Mix for kids