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Currently located within The Makeup HUB in Warragul, I am a Certified Lash & Brow Technician servicing the Gippsland Area.

Mobile & In-Salon Servicing


Warragul 3818
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Instagram: @kvlashartistry
Facebook: /kvlashartistry

- “Very patient, looked amazing” - Emily. S (via Facebook)
- “Very professional, made me feel so relaxed that I almost fell asleep.” - Cheryl. G (via Facebook)
- “[Lashes] were amazing, got soo many compliments on them” - Brenda. H (via Instagram)
- “Thanks so much for the lashes girl! Love them xx” - Tara. H (via Instagram)

About Me (The Owner):
Hey! My name is Katelyn and I’m 22 years old. I’ve lived in Gippsland for nearly 3 years and I used to study at Uni Full-Time. I’ve always had a love and passion for the Beauty field but unfortunately had no time on my hands to do so. Until about a year ago, when I took my first leap into the industry.
If you have known me long enough, I used to be the girl that’d have the lash extensions and brows like no other in high school and that’s a little while ago now. My passion for lashing has always stuck around since then until I finally decided to put my dreams and desires first, early 2019. That’s when KV Lash Artistry came along.
And ever since then it’s been a wild ride of growth and maturation, in my work.
I have big goals and dreams for my business and I hope I’ll be able to say one day that I was able to achieve them.
As for me personally, I love a good chat, I’m always here for you and I love to support small business. I’m a big believer in that.
Anyway, enough of me, I hope you all have a good day! Xx
Lots of love,

KV Lash Blog

We are talking everything and anything beauty related, sit down and have a nice Rosé or 3. Come along for the chat!

The 1st KV Lash Blog!

Hello Everyone!!!
How are all of you doing? This is so insane!
I’m so excited to be doing all of this for you lovely ladies (and men, if you’re interested 😉). With all this isolation, I have been working my butt off on this business and with every day new ideas, products, ventures are all coming to mind and I’m so glad to put these forward. If you know me, you know that I have always had a passion for lashing. I always want to improve and be that little bit better. If I’m not working on the administrative and marketing aspect of my business, you’ll catch me practicing and perfecting lashes and so much more.

There are SOOOO many things I have planned for you all. I have heaps of products on the way, rewards for my clients, new services are in the works, specials for when we return and I even have a giveaway planned since recently reaching 1k followers on Instagram! How insane. I appreciate the support.
You should honestly see my notes app, it’s flooded with ideas and scrambled with words because I’m constantly inspired to do better with my work. I do have to be patient though, if I could release everything in one go I would, but then that would be no fun for later, would it.

Anyway, enough of me rambling! Thank you all for your support, even if you’re just reading this! It makes my day. Hopefully you all have a good but safe time in isolation and I can’t wait to get back to lashing. I’ll take to you soon.

- Katelyn xx

KV Lash Blog #2: Sanitation

As the the big C-word is going around and the realisation of sanitation and cleanliness is bigger than ever, I have a few tips for Lash Techs on how to keep their equipment clean throughout the process and in between clients!
Two of the many ways to disinfect are the following:
- Barbicide
- Isopropyl Alcohol

In order the get any remaining stickies of your tweezers, glue plate etc. before the cleaning process such as glue, lashes, other icky stuff etc. it is recommended that you use Acetone to remove it (especially for the glue). Or if you have time, stick your equipment in boiling water for 10 minutes.

1. Barbicide is pretty simple, you can collect this from a Salon Supply store as it Salon-Grade disinfectant. It will come with it’s on instructions as per the bottle but you generally leave your tools in the disinfectant for 10 minutes. This allows enough time for all the germs and nasties to be disintegrated. Once completed, rinse with water and you’re ready to use.
2. Isopropyl Alcohol can be purchased through Bunnings or similar hardware stores, you must ensure this is 100% Isopropyl Alcohol concentrate and nothing less, if you do get anything less these will ruin and tarnish your equipment (don’t ruin those tweezers). Before getting to the alcohol, it will help to give your equipment a good scrub and clean with warm water and detergent. After that is done and dry, you must emerge your equipment in the alcohol for a minimum of 30 minutes. Once this is done, clean with a disposable tissue or cotton pad.
Whilst some of this may be a struggle to do throughout a bank to back day of clients, it is recommended you purchase more sets of tweezers (generally 3 is a go).

Please also understand that it is mandatory under Health & Safety regulations that you clean your equipment between each client. Also checking with your local council on recommended specifications regarding cleaning/sterilising is a big note!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this little blog on sanitation, it’s a good note to keep handy during these times! Have a good week -KV xx


Please understand the new rules as follows:
- No guests are allowed. Only the person who has the appointment is allowed in. (Lash Tech & Client ONLY)
- Hand Sanitizer is available when you walk in.
- Bring your own face mask, which is required.
- Arrive at your designated time to minimise individuals in the salon.
- Bring your own blanket for warmth and pillow for back support if needed.
- Go to the toilet prior to your appointment as unfortunately there isn’t one at the salon.
- As a standard rule, if you are experiencing any flu or cold like symptoms, stay at home and reschedule your appointment.

Thank you.


- Bookings: Bookings are to be made via DM.

- Deposits: All services require a deposit. A deposit secures your appointment in place. It is required to have 48 hours notice from the time of your service to reschedule or cancel your appointment, otherwise your deposit is charged. Deposits are non redeemable on afterpay. Deposits come off the total price of your service at the end of the appointment.

- Cancellation: If you do not rock up or contact me about your appointment, this will also result in a cancellation fee of $20

- Refunds: Refunds are not offered, you are paying for my time, products & experience. A free touch up (within 48 hours) or removal is offered. Just like your time, my time is valuable too.

- Afterpay: Afterpay is redeemable in-store only. It’s a free and easy service that lets you buy now and pay later in 4 easy instalments. When completing this in the salon you must have the money for the first instalment to go through in order for your payment to be processed. It is not redeemable on deposits or specials/modelling.

- Refills: I will not refill someone else's work, if this is the case a Removal & Full set will be applied and charged. If there is a major loss of lashes within 48 hours (determined by the lash tech) a free touch up can happen or free removal is offered.

- Guests: Guests are not allowed to the appointment. Only the individual who is having the service conducted.


Join the KV Lash Lounge if you’ve ever been a client of KV Lash Artistry or have been referred to by a previous client for your chance to get on some VIP discounts, rewards, specials and more.

Refer A Friend: Refer your friends and family, and you’ll get $5 off your next service.

Lash Extensions


Full Sets:
Duration: 2-3 hours
Classics: $85
Hybrids: $95
Volume: $110
Russian Volume: $125
Mega Volume: $140
*Deposit Required: $30

Duration: 1-2 hours
1 Week: $50
2 Weeks: $70
3 Weeks: $80
4 Weeks: $90
5+ Weeks: Full Set
*Deposit Required
*If you wish to upgrade your set when getting refills, it will be an +$10 and please allow up to half an hour on top for your appointment.
*Refills require 40%+ of extensions remaining. If you are above 5+ Weeks and believe you have more than 40%, contact myself.

Cost: $15
Duration: 30min

- Deposits are mandatory. Check ‘Policies’ for further information.
- Arrive to the appointment on time, cleansed/makeup free if possible.

Lash Lift

Lash Lift & Tint: $50
Lash Lift: $40
Deposit: $15
Duration: 1hr


Brow Sculpt (Wax, Shape, Tint & Lamination): $60
Deposit: $20
Duration: 90 min

Brow Lamination & Tint: $55
Brow Lamination: $45
Deposit: $15
Duration: 1hr

Brow Wax:
Brow Wax & Tint:



EXPRESSION OF INTEREST for the following:
- Underarms
- Arm
- 1/2 Leg
- Full Leg
- Bikini
- G-String


Lash Tint: $15
Brow Tint: $15
Duration: 20min

Packages/Add Ons

Lash Lift & Tint + Brow Lamination: $85
Lash Tint & Brow Tint: $25

Any Lash Extension Service + ADD ON: Brow Lamination: $40
Any Lash Extension Service + ADD ON: Brow Tint: $10
ADD ON: $5 Collagen Lip Mask



Note: Only delivery is offered at the moment for these products.

Shipping Methods:
Local Pickup: FREE (Drouin)
Shipping: $10

KV Lash Bath

The KV Lash Bath is the perfect cleanser to maintain those lovely Lash Extensions. This oil free cleanser can help improve retention, keep the dirt & makeup away and keep those lashes healthier for longer.

1x KV Lash Bath
1x Lash Cleansing Brush
1x Scrunchie
1x Mascara Tube Wand

RRP: $30
ADD ON: Add this on the any Full Set Extension service and you can get it for $25

Collagen Lip Masks

The Collagen Lip Masks supplement moisture and nutrition into the lips. This can help reduce fine lines. With ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Grape Seed Extract & many more, you’re ensured to have nice and moisturised lips.
Instructions: Apple the mask for 20-30 minutes and rinse off with warm water when completed.
This can also make a great add on to your Lash Services.

RRP: $5
SPECIAL: 3x Lip Masks for $10

Lash Sleeping Masks

The masks help prolong your lash retention by reducing the risk of tugging and pulling on the lashes whilst you’re asleep. With deep cushioning and a hollow centre these masks are sure to keep your lashes safe.

RRP $15

Lash & Brow Botox

This Lash & Brow Botox helps repair, thicken and promote Lash & Brow growth.
With ingredients like Vitamin E to help deliver antioxidants and thicken the lashes, Sodium Hyaluronate for hair growth stimulation, Collagen to plump the lashes, Keratin and many more, you’re definitely in for amazing results.
All you need to do is apply on a mascara wand and brush through the product every 2-4 days.
Results will be seen in just as little as 2 weeks.
This product is amazing for after Lash Lifts & Brow Laminations as well. This is fantastic for repairing and strengthening.
*Please note: this is not Lash Extension safe. For better and quicker results, you must use this prior to getting Lash Extensions.

RRP: $79

Max2 Lash & Brow Growth Serum

This oil free and extension safe serum is to sure help protect your natural lashes and prolong lash retention. This helps promote lash and brow hair strengthening and length. Use 1-2 times daily.

RRP: $39

Max2 Protective Coating

This product offers a protective coating / sealant that can be applied on top of lash extensions to help to protect the bond of the glue and also to feed the natural lashes essential nutrients, comes in black or clear. Which can be worn like an eye liner.

RRP: $30

Max2 Mascara

This is an Extension safe mascara. Contains Royal Jelly & other herb extracts which also helps to promote healthy natural lashes. For those clients that want to add a bit of sass to their evening :)

RRP: $30

Gift Vouchers

This is a great opportunity to spoil your loved one. Saves the hassle for you to decide and letting the freedom for her to pamper herself.
Even if it’s just for you, it’s a nice way to treat yourself later down the track.

Options Available:

Valid for 6 months after purchase date.
*Afterpay available, fees apply.

Ultimate KV Lash Aftercare Pack

This pack is perfect for rejuvenating and repairing those lashes.

1x Lash & Brow Botox Serum
1x KV Lash Bath
1x Lash Cleansing Brush
2x Mascara Wands
2x Lipstick Applicators
2x Collagen Lip Masks
RRP: $130


Here are all your Aftercare Instructions

Lash Extensions

- Avoid getting the extensions wet 12-24 hours post appointment.
- Avoid oils are all costs. It breaks down the glue bond so using things like oil based moisturisers, concealers, foundations, fake tan, setting spray, cleansers and pasta sauce.
- Avoid touching them 2-3 hours post appointment. Don’t pick or pull them at any point.
- Don’t curl those lashes, they’re already flawless!
- NO Mascara on your lashes.
- Avoid sleeping or rubbing those lashes when going to sleep.
- Wash & Brush them everyday! It keeps them in shape. Purchase the KV Lash Bath to keep them in good shape.

Lash Lift

- Don’t wet your lashes 24-48 hours post appointment.
- Avoid steam rooms, saunas, super hot showers, kettles, anything with steam. High humidity will destroy the lash lift within 24-48 hours post appointment.
- Do not wear waterproof mascara.

Brow Lamination

- Don’t wet your lashes 24-48 hours post appointment.
- Avoid steam rooms, saunas, super hot showers, kettles, anything with steam. The high humidity will destroy the Brow Lamination solution 24-48 hours post appointment.
- Avoid oils, serums, makeup products any brow product around the area for 24-48 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book in with you?

Until I set up an online booking system, ALL bookings are to be made via DM.

Do you have Afterpay?

Yes we do! Afterpay is a great way to buy now, enjoy now and pay later. It is done in 4 easy instalments.
Afterpay is currently only offered in-store and must be conducted BEFORE the appointment. If you wish to use Afterpay you must instruct this prior to the service. The first instalment is paid at the time of service.
Deposits are not redeemable on Afterpay. Specials/Model prices incur a fee.

Do you have a loyalty program?

Yes I do! If you don’t have one already, bring my business card (or ask for one) to your next appointment.
Get 4 refills & get the 5th 20% off.

Not only will I be keeping track, you must bring the card in order for it to work.

Can I refer a friend?

Yes of course! I highly encourage this and if you do, you will both get $5 off your next full priced service.

Is a deposit mandatory?

Yes, in order for your appointment to be confirmed a deposit is required. Deposit prices vary on services.

What product do you use?

Overall most of the products used are from ‘Locks Lash’, other brands such as ‘Love Lash Melbourne’, ‘Melbourne Lash Supplies’ & ‘Lash & Brow Co Supplies’ may be used throughout the appointment. I source my products locally and prefer to support small business.
Every single item that will be used during the appointment is also Vegan & Cruelty Free. I support these strategies whole heartedly.

How far in advance do I need to book my appointment?

It is required you book minimum 24 hours in advance (deposit required), unless it’s advertised for last minute cancellations or walk ins are available.

Due to demand, it is recommended you book at least 1-2 weeks in advance.

Am I allowed to bring others with me to my appointment?

No. It is highly recommended you do not, we want minimal distraction, for you to relax and minimal time wasting. I do understand that in some cases you may have to bring another person along with you, please advise me before the appointment and understand they will be in the waiting room for the whole duration of your service. They are not allowed in the treatment room.

What can I do in preparation of the appointment?

Arriving makeup free, cleansed and relax is the perfect situation for you to arrive in. Please make sure your face is free from any makeup, oils, serums, tan and is freshly cleaned.
Please arrive at your designated time, with a lee way of 10 minutes.
To be relaxed during your appointment, avoid any caffeine or coffee, make sure to go to the toilet before hand and imagine that your getting a free nap with the lash/brow service. At least you get to wake up a beautiful set of lashes.

Is there a toilet or bathroom in the facility?

No unfortunately there is not. It is advised you go to the toilet prior to your appointment and if there is a need to go to the bathroom, you’ll be asked to visit a neighbouring business.