About Lane Kipp

Lane Kipp has turned her passion for business, all things health + wellness, and mindset into a lifestyle.

She has built her ever blossoming Network Marketing organization from the pure passion to share the things she loves. We constantly give + seek recommendations but rarely (if ever) get paid for that. Imagine how many times you’ve told a friend to check out a trendy new café or buy that new mascara to take your lashes to new lengths... Now imagine you were paid for that?! So, it was a total “no brainer” to share the products and business model she fell in love with.

Just a few of the reason why Lane fell in love with NWM 🤍

•Company alignment, quality + integrity
•Time, time & more time = time freedom, baby!
•Times are changing (are you with it?)
•She didn’t want to build someone else dream
•Making money while you sleep
•Location flexibly (aka work from anywhere you have wifi!)

Top recommened products

Isa Top Picks

From day one of putting these products in her body Lane knew she was hooked for life.

Fueling her body with all natural, high-quality products that actually nourish my body to function at its best + in the most simple way is something Lane can 110% stand behind.

Bonus ✨she learned integrity didn’t stop at their products but sprinkled magic throughout the entire company. They are privately owned, A+ Better Business Bureau rating year over year, 18 years in business... to name a few!

Collagen Elixir Beauty Bundle

A lil bit about our Collagen Elixir ✨

Enhance your natural beauty and illuminate from with a daily effective dose of Scandinavian marine-sourced collagen peptides.

• 10 years of research + 200 scientists involved in making our Collagen Elixir!
• Type 1 marine collagen which is more effective in beauty boosting benefits.
• Marine collagen is 1.5x more bioavailable than other collagen sources.
• Contains stable Vitamin C, Zinc + Biotin. Vitamins needed for collagen synthesis + antioxidants. Other fruits + botanicals rich in antioxidants to preserve the collagen we already have.
• Contains 5g of marine collagen which is most like human collagen.
• Vitamin C includes making the collagen 133% more bioavailable + extended out over 8 hours
• Sustainably sourced from fisheries off the Norwegian coasts. Bottled directly from the coast into recycled dark glass to prevent oxidation keeping the integrity of the product.

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Glowup, Sleeping Beauty + Youthful Aging Bundle

Collagen Elixir “Glowup”
Your skin will feel buttery soft, dewy, plump and glowing like you just walked out from a day at the spa ...only difference you didn’t spend $$$ for a topical treatment because you’re glowing from in the inside out!

Sleep Spray “Sleeping Beauty”
We’ve all been told we need our beauty rest but are we truly getting it? Improve sleep quality with the Sleep Support & Renewal™ which contains fast-absorbed, sustained-release melatonin combined with a proprietary nutrient complex to promote a sound, more beneficial night’s rest, which in turn can aid memory, mental clarity, cognitive function, and overall brain health. AKA beauty sleep.

IsaGenesis “Youthful Aging”
Still no progress on the whole stopping/reversing time thing - which is OK, that idea wasn’t backed by science anyway. Fortunately, IsaGenesis is. We know oxidative stress + free radicals accelerate the aging process, which is why the properties in this Nobel Prize winning science is vital for overall health + aging ..or not aging 😉 You’ll be feeling younger too and no longer marvelling at all the energy of a kid because you’ll be keeping up!

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Everyday Wellness Bundle

What’s in it?

Ionix Supreme “Happy Juice”
Stress happens. Just don’t make it your next long-term relationship. Mother Nature provided plenty of tools for staying focused and conquering your day. You get the best of them in this nutrient-rich botanical elixir.

Peach Mango Cleanse for Life
Your squad just showed up for fast day. Coming together to help you cleanse, detox, and burn some stubborn fat. Just trying to get through a fast day? Nah, you’re about to make fast day the best day.

Organic Cold Pressed Greens “Don’t forget to drink your veggies”
These are not your usual greens these taste amazing. Let’s repeat it for those in the back: It tastes minty and cucumbery and amazing! And with two whole servings of veggies from spinach and kale -- plus superfoods for that extra oomph -- it’s got even more nutrition than your typical green drink powder.

Whole Blend Smoothie (Vanilla)
A complete meal sourced from nutrient-rich superfoods and made fresh every day — all without a trip to the store? Impossible? Nope. We just call it Whole Blend.

IsaComfort AKA “IsaTummy”
Keep calm and stay regular. IsaComfort® is gentle digestive support. Because it’s really hard to be a happy human without a happy gut.
Here’s a riddle: When is regular the greatest thing ever? When you’re talking about digestion. Take the riddle out of being regular with the herbal digestive support of IsaComfort.

**all items are a 30-day supply except the Whole Blend Shake which is 14 full meal replacements

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Weight-loss “The Basics”

It’s the perfect fit bundle. This is a wellness routine that fits your busy lifestyle. Changing your body is about to feel different. This pack contains everything you need for 30 days of our popular weight loss method. Detox. Let go of toxins at the same time as you let go of fat.

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Weight-loss “Level Up”

Enough weight losses, it’s time for some weight wins. Get started with proven products and a step-by-step method with thousands of success stories. It’s like a dance routine, and the dance is called the “inches away.” Your move, superstar.

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Collagen Elixir

Glow Radiantly. Live Beautifully.

The skin you’re in was created to thrive, protect, and yes, even glow. It’s up to you to enhance it as time passes. Enjoy improved skin elasticity to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.† Enhanced collagen production for your skin equates to a fresh, dewy appearance while you protect it against damaging effects of photoaging.† The elixir does the work. All you have to do is show up and embrace your glow.

Get to know this little bottle of amazingness

Science behind the Collagen Elixir