About Us

We are Irina and Tessy.
Born and raised respectively in Russia and Italy and now based in Estrela and Campo de Ourique where @LisbonWhispers came to life thanks to some funny coincidences.

With backgrounds in psychology and architecture we find our common link in the interest for photography and society.

Irina: "My curious nature drove me to create this project. I am drawn to personal stories of people around me. I've always been the one observing passersby and imagining their lives. This project is all about not guessing, but investigating and connecting people with each other.
I would have certainly been following such a project so, instead of waiting for it to come up, with Tessy we decided to do it ourselves."

Tessy: “For many years now I’ve been stopping 'interesting strangers’ with the excuse to invite them to be part of a photographic project called come-closer: a photo-chat in their own houses, it was the chance to have the time to get to know each other closer. Over the years I received many invitations which gave me the opportunity to make friends in cities where I didn’t know anyone yet and to practise with my camera.

Once upon a time Irina happened to be one of those strangers.
Once at her house, ideas started clicking and I quickly found myself as part of an unexpected adventure, it didn't have a cool name as Lisbon Whispers yet, but the synergy was already there”

How does it work?

To become a Whispers the first step is to invite us to your home for a friendly chat + photo session, it usually takes about 1 hour, we'll get to know each other a bit and capture the visual contents for the instagram journal. Not a big production is involved, just you, us and a camera in between. Is it a yes?

Previous to our meeting, we will email some questions, would be nice if you could send them back before we come to your place, it's very useful for us to already have some guidelines.

After that we’ll edit and build your contents and share on the instagram page for everyone to read and share.

You will be tagged and invited to interact and share the contents on your page to engage more and more with the community! That’s the core point: a virtual link to connect with Lisbon and Lisboetas.

Be the next!

Support our project

To keep Lisbon Whispers running there are quite a lot of travels and other expenses involved.

Your donations on our Paypal page will help to cover some of those costs.

With your support, we can afford to visit and share more places, introduce you to new interesting people and deliver more #behindlisbondoors content. Our community is growing and there will be opportunities to get to know each other in person too!

Your donation means the world to us and please feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions, we really appreciate having you with us!

Thank you for joining us,
Irina & Tessy

Here is our Paypay link.

Thank you for your support

Have a great day!