All About Me 💫

Hey Beautiful 💕

My name is Loni Wolfgramm, I’m 29 years of age - born and raised in Auckland , New Zealand. I’m currently a mum of 3 beautiful babies & married to the Love of my life ✨

I’m of Tongan/cookisland decent & know all to well about the life that my grandparents & parents worked hard for. But because I know their story & them explaining how hard it was for them…..I wanted change for me & my family 💕

I was super blessed 🙏🏽 & fortunate to stumble across this business opportunity. Which allows me to work from home & utilise my social media platforms by monetising it💰which means me spending MORE TIME with my babies & MORE TIME with my family/friends from the comfort of my home 😍 I mean who doesn’t want to make money while sleeping 🤷🏽‍♀️………

Remember “you have to be uncomfortable to get comfortable”. So don’t doubt yourself ✨ The only person stopping YOU ……… is YOU ❤️ no dream is too big ☁️

If your interested in how to make a change for you & your life and sick of feeling stuck 😩 -
feel free to DM me …... I gotchu x

Lots of Love,

LW xo

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