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🍀: A blog entry for the poem "Drowned" by Marigrace D. Carretero

21st Century Literature from the Philippines and the World
Teacher Jessa Mae S. Roldan
Lorence Glen B. Muros


💭: Why I liked the poem?

The reason why I liked the poem is because of the universality of its theme. Even if the main theme of the poem is about enduring and overcoming hopelessness, the theme could still branch into variety.

The different perspectives of people lead to different interpretations on the poem's context. With that being said, these people could relate the context of the poem in various situations. For an instance, teenagers may relate the poem on their battle against depression and paranoia. While on the case of adults, they may relate the poem on their experience where they felt that their life are getting tougher as they grow old.


💭: How it made me feel?

The poem made me feel better after reading it. It also returned back my optimism. The style and pace of the narration as well as the use of symbolism helped the poem enhance its emotional appeal which I find to be effective.


💭: What is the relation of its theme to the current situation of the COVID-19 Pandemic?

It could be observed that the theme of the poem fits perfectly on the current situation that we are in. Everyone are aware about the negative impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the lives of people, especially on their health and careers. The sudden change that the pandemic have brought didn't end up well for everyone, forcing us to adjust to the new normal and get accustomed on the new ways of life. However, due to the pressure that we are getting from our works, studies, friends, families, partners, and other sources, it pushed us down to our thresholds. It brought us to the lowest point of our lives were we could already feel the urge of giving up. Fortunately, as also illustrated in the poem, "someone will draw water in a little while." It means that our downfall doesn't go on forever, because someone would eventually pull us back to the surface to move forward and carry on. Therefore, instead of surrendering and letting ourselves get drowned completely, let's fight for our lives and don't lose hope because someone would eventually help us.

Check out the poem for a better understanding!

By Marigrace D. Carretero (Translated by Frances Grace Jetomo)


1. The stone fell
2. Into the deep well
3. It gasped for breath
4. As its tough fall.
5. Have you ever felt that?
6. When you lost hope?
7. Drowned in a spring that overflows
8. Beside the falls that's really cold.
9. Don't be sad
10. For though you're in the situation,
11. Someone will draw water in a little while,
12. Someone will help you.
13. Hold on as the pail falls
14. So you can breathe after drowning in the deep.