it’s me!

i’ll keep it as short & simple as possible!
* no promises *

my name is Marcela, 25, born and raised in the beautiful country of Venezuela. I am currently living in Orlando, FL but I am originally from SoFlo. I am an FIU alumni with a bachelor’s degree in broadcast media and communications. I am engaged and loving every minute of the wedding planning process!

I consider myself a workaholic because I am #nevernotworking !
I am a social media manager for a clothing company and also your new fave natural beauty consultant.
I am extremely passionate when it comes to helping and inspiring others.
My goal is to be able to touch as many hearts and change lives for the better.
No matter how big or how small.

I am a firm believer that our comfort zone is a very comfortable place,
but nothing ever grows there.

so yeah, I’d love to meet you, let’s chat!


make money anytime, anywhere

times are changing, we all know that.

if you see yourself struggling with managing your family time or education while trying to make ends meet...
I can relate.
I’ve been through it all & more.

& because I’ve been through all of it I feel it is my absolute responsibility to help women or men achieve their dream life by simply connecting through WiFi.

that’s right. WiFi.

if you’re reading this, there’s a reason!
so contact me ASAP and I’ll answer all and every question you may have.



any questions?