Consciously crafted to be inclusive & sustainable

Madi & Pip

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Consciously crafted

We use beautiful fibres, respecting our planet and supporting the local agriculture and textile industry. All garments are proudly Australian made.

Innovative design

You will notice our garments don’t have centre back zippers. That’s intentional design.
Our garments are comfortable to move and sit in, whilst also being easy to put on. We do this by removing the number of fastenings used, thinking carefully about their placement and necessity, and making fabric choices that feel awesome against your skin.

Joyful living

Inspired by Madeleine Simmons, Madeleine Jondeau, & Phillomena Simmons, your designer is a Visual Arts & Fashion educator and uses fashion as a vehicle to start conversation and spread joy.

Consciously crafted, respecting people and planet

Madi & Pip

Your designer, Emma, was raised on a cotton farm in central NSW, Australia. She has a strong connection to this beautiful fibre.

Cotton is our hero fibre because of its versatility, performance and natural comfort.

Australia’s wide-open spaces and healthy natural environment make it the perfect place to grow cotton. Australian cotton is a success story with a rich history that has led to an efficient, responsible, modern industry that produces some of the highest quality cotton in the world – using fewer natural resources than ever before.

Approximately 90% of Australia’s cotton businesses are family farms and a quarter of our farmers, women.

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