Maria del Carmen Carretero Ortiz

Pieces of my soul

I’am María del Carmen, I am 23 years old. Spanish girls from the south .At the moment I am living in Edinburgh. My life is filled with fulfillment just by breathing and having the pleasure of forming a part of this amazing world.
Amazed by little things in life.

Spiritual Journey

Believing in unconcional love above all

There is something that really moves us through life and that is the constant questioning of our own existence. Where we need to come to terms with our selfs. The questions lies on where your heart is and if your heart moves when a certain belief pops up.
All that I know is where my heart starts and where my heart ends and that is true spirituality.
We need to let go, what is right or wrong, we need to let people be, because when we let go unconditional love flows.

Spiritual teacher, I have been seen ghost since I was 4 years old first encounter was with my dads parishes sister she dyed when she was only 9.
I have come a long way since then. Done quite a lot of work. Will be more than happy to help with spiritual psychology and help people get through emocional blockages and help with parishes loved ones see the light and rest.

Road full of life teachings

Sustainability and added value as a way of life

Started fashion design university degree in 2016 each year went by, I got the opportunity to learn so much from my friends and teachers. During second year I decided to do a sustainability course in central saint martins in London, which gave me the opportunity to meet amazing souls and learn a lot about the fashion industry as a whole and how much waste, it really opened my eyes, The fashion industry is the one if not the second industry in the world that makes more waste.