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Helping start-up businesses with their brands, marketing and social media.

Jacky Humphries has more than 25 years’ experience in Global Marketing, Brand, Media, Corporate Communications, and Business Development across various industries specialising in Africa, Middle East, South-East Asia and Europe. Throughout her career, Jacky has led integrated sales & marketing efforts from brand - to demand campaigns - to sales, using a combination of traditional, digital and social media tools and methodologies to engage customers and partners on their purchase journey.

Jacky’s influence lies in the way she is tuned into customer attitudes and industry trends, translating an ever-growing set of data points and marketing inputs into a coherent strategy for their business, and often, a vision for the industry as a whole. She has been a driving force in redefining numerous global organisations’ overall products and services strategies, as well as brand transformation and positioning. While in Dubai, Jacky and her teams successfully launched numerous mixed-use developments including The Palms, The Universe, Mina Rashid and Atlantis. She has held various senior marketing roles at Motorola, including Head of Marketing Strategy & Operations across Africa, Middle East, South-East Asia and India. During her tenure at Oracle, she relaunched Oracle into Africa and received numerous accolades including Employee of the Year.

Jacky holds a few degrees including an MBA from one of Africa’s leading business schools, the Gordon Institute of Business Science. A recognised “Woman in Business” and an entrepreneur, she has been invited to serve on numerous global marketing boards and recently, Jacky was nominated as Africa’s Most Influential Woman in Business & Government. In the Digital World, Jacky is passionate about growing and mentoring young, international marketing talent and has set up ‘Interns in Action’ to facilitate this passion.


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Anyone can be successful!

The definition of success and the path to success is different and may be defined by everyone differently. But if there is one thing that can be agreed from those individuals who are already successful, and people trying to reach success is that the two most important qualities is to work hard, and be patient.Everyone has the ability for success but only those individuals who are willing and determined to reach it actually achieve it. Anyone can be successful, so why not you?



Marketing after the pandemic

Here are 5 simple ways in which the pandemic challenged critical truths about marketing and gave us a new set of rules moving forward.



Simple ways to boost checkout

For e-commerce companies, there is no metric more important than the checkout process conversion rate. Why? Because this is the page that brings in your actual revenue! Even a miniscule increase of 1% in conversion rate can add thousands of pounds in real money to your business.



How to set your marketing goals & budgets

Marketing is expensive. It can be costly to run paid campaigns, whether that’s through Google Ads or hiring influencers to promote your products or services. These costs go up if you bring in marketing experts to run or consult on your campaigns. Higher costs can directly yield higher results, however, and can be a necessity.


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We help your business develop a catered-to-your-needs strategic marketing campaign that leverages social media solutions on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, blogs and other social community sites to achieve your marketing goals. Our services include consulting, training, set-up and social profile management.

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