Tell the world what you’re made of

Feeling lost? Let me tell you a secret...

I did too.

And if you’re looking for a sign on how to find purpose & confidence...this is it!

Hey! I’m Michelle, your typical 31 year old mama who was sick and tired of building someone else’s dream and not my own.

Growing up, I was always told I needed to be a doctor in order to be successful. I followed that path all the way until I was working side by side with doctors all day and realized, THIS IS NOT WHAT I IMAGINED! I realized very quickly that the path I was on, was not one that I wanted to be stuck on for the next 50 years...

I had no idea what to do at that point, it wasn’t like I could just quit my job and go back to school and learn something else! I was currently drowning in debt, so broke it made me cry almost every single day, a new mommy who had to leave her baby with a stranger to watch him while I went to work and build someone else’s dream for them...I felt so stuck.

I was literally on my hands and knees praying DAILY for an opportunity to be able to live like the the lives I admired of those on social media. People who got to work from anywhere they wanted, traveling all over the world, being able to be a present mom, FINANCIALLY FREE!!

Then I was presented with this opportunity working with a shampoo biz... and I thought to myself, THERE IS NO WAY I COULD DO THIS...

I was the world’s BIGGEST skeptic.
Not that this business didn’t work, but that I could be successful in this..

I had all the excuses NOT to do this: I had less than 500 followers at the time, so self conscious on camera, was too busy (working full time and working a few other side gigs), didn’t think anyone would be interested, didn’t have the money, I wasn’t a sales person, The excuse you just listed in your head, yeah, I had it.

But here was thing... something in the back of my head kept nudging me with the what if’s....

What IF this was my ticket to freedom.

What IF this was my purpose.

What IF this was just the thing (and products) I needed.

What IF this gave me my time back...

And so I....
And waited.
And waited.

I legit waited TWO YEARS before saying yes to this opportunity.

After doing so much research here’s what I found: the products had third party testing unmatched, had a great scientific advisory, had morals I could stand behind, the compensation plan was unmatched, the product was consumable.

And Here’s what I knew: there was already more month than money for me, I was already on my phone scrolling and NOT making money, EVERY single person in the world (well mostly) washes their hair and skin aka consumable product, and... I had nothing really to lose and so much to gain so I took the leap of faith.

And guess what?
I freaking regretted waiting.
I started with only wanting a couple extra hundred a month to help pay some bills and groceries. And then I saw the unlimited potential in this... if I was so willing to work SO HARD for someone else’s dream... why wasn’t I willing to work just as hard for mine?

Fast forward 6 months:
I have create my own online business where I get to work from where ever I want to, I have traveled soooo much in the past 6 months and I have more trips planned!! I was able to retire my husband so he can be a full time daddy to my son!!! No longer leaving him to be watched my strangers! I am currently working on becoming debt free so I can QUIT MY 9-5 job and be able to continue traveling everywhere with my family and live the life I alway dreamed of!!
And the best part: Making an impact while making an income and being surrounded by a positive, successful, driven, and supportive community.

If you stayed reading my story, there’s probably something in you, saying what if...

I’m here to help you do the same!
Whether that be financial freedom from your phone or more confidence with your hair or skin!
Check out the links on my page! I can’t wait to get to know you!

It’s never too late to start living your dream life!