The Witch's Heart

Asha may be young, but make no mistake: she is a hunter. The youngest in a clan of expert trackers, her skills are improving day by day with the help of her older brother, Hearne. But one day, Hearne vanishes without a word, and Asha discovers he's ventured into a forbidden forest controlled by a powerful witch.

Fearing for his safety and sanity, Asha pursues her brother, determined to bring him home. But the path is dim, full of danger, and riddled with dark truths – about her brother, about the witch, even about herself. Now she will need all her skills to survive, because once those truths get their claws in her, they may never let go.

A dark faerie tale and coming of age story, The Witch's Heart is a novella about family, the noble tales that define it, and the whispered secrets that each one tries to keep hidden. Who do you become when you finally learn the truth about your family? Do you embrace the people you love for who they are . . . or will it destroy you all?

Down We Go & Other Strange Tales

Partake in this collection of short tales tailor-made for science fiction, fantasy and horror fans, each told in seven pages or less. You can devour each of these delectable morsels in a sitting, but be careful: they hold ugly secrets, and you are what you eat.

Down We Go & Other Strange Tales includes:

Down We Go - There's a trap door in the forest with stairs that lead to nowhere. Something at the bottom is calling out.

Fair Game - A poacher thinks he's scored an easy kill, but the guardians of the forest have different ideas.

The Bog - He has to make it across the swamp to save his sister's life. The creatures trying to stop him are all too familiar.

Watch the Teeth - A young girl is suspicious of her mother's new red purse.

She Watches, She Waits - These walls have ears - Jim and Sally don't realize who's listening.
And more . . .

Where Darkness Lives & Other Monstrous Tales

Dig your claws into 24 bite-sized monster tales tailor-made for science fiction, fantasy and horror fans. From harpies to yetis, toxic terrors to red-eyed demons, each has their own story to tell—and they might not be the most frightening part of it.

Where Darkness Lives & Other Monstrous Tales includes:

Where Darkness Lives – A child learns what's been waiting for them in the dark for as long as they can remember.

Siren Song – A life is cut tragically short by a raging beast, and the wrong person takes the blame.

Harvest – The Worldbeast turned Earth into a paradise, and it only asks a small favor in return.

The Spider Jar – Arachne decides there are perks to being cursed by an angry goddess.

Deep Down – An explorer tries to escape his demons beneath the waves, and discovers something much worse.

And many more . . .