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Amazon Finds

All my favorite Amazon items

Fendi Cmon Mini

LV Saint Jacques Raffia Tote

My new fave beach/pool tote! Perfect summer staple!

Gucci Ophidia Small Handbag

Immaculate quality! Fits all the essentials with room to spare!

YSL Toy LouLou

This bag is pretty spot on! Perfect size and so cute!

LV Murina Bucket Bag

Beautiful details and soft leather! Great everyday bag!

YSL Cassandra Crossbody

LV Onthego PM

The perfect everyday purse!

Prada Cleo Crystal

A showstopper! The perfect “night out” bag.

Ugg Tazz

True to size and looks great!

Chanel 19

Supple leather, amazing quality!

Fendi x Tiffany’s Baguette

Amazing leather and gorgeous color!

Gucci Mini Bag

Beautiful, structured mini bag that fits the essentials. iPhone fits perfectly!

Polene Dix

Great quality, fast shipping! Perfect spring/summer bag

Lululemon Belt Bag

Cute, casual, and fits the necessities!

YSL Tote

Large and in charge! Great quality!

LV Pallas Wallet

LV Toiletry 26

Great find! Got an insert from Amazon to convert this into a bag.

Nike Air Max 270 React

I wear a Women’s US 7 and got these in size 38. They’re true to size. Insole was a little off but otherwise great shoes!

LV Tiny Backpack

So cute! Love this so much I might get it in another color.

LV Twist

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. Great quality, would recommend.

LV Emilie Wallet

If you’re looking for a slim wallet, this one’s for you.

Gucci Belt Bag

Love this as a casual “cool girl” everyday bag. Fits the essentials.

Fendi Mon Tresor

Omg this has been my favorite “date night/night out” bag! It’s so cute and goes with everything!

Gucci Marmont Velvet Shoulder Bag

I wish you guys could feel how soft this bag is! I’m obsessed

LV Daily Pouch

I had this in black and loved it so much I got it in red. Amazing quality! Would make a great gift.

Gucci Diana

Talk about classy! I got this in the 27cm size

Gucci Horsebit Card Case Wallet

This wallet is thicker than a card holder but has a zippered compartment and a place for cash. So practical!

LV Double Zip Pochette

WOW! Don’t ask, just buy. Great size, amazing quality; you won’t be disappointed.

LV New Wave Shoulder Bag

I didn’t know I needed a green bag in my life til I got this!

LV Montsouris

This backpack is huge and would make a great book bag or diaper bag

LV Marelle

I loveeee this bag! 10/10

LV Bumbag Empreinte

LV Pochette Métis

Leather feels great, hardware is the correct tone, lining could be better but overall happy with this.

YSL LouLou

I got option #6 in 31cm. This baby is huge and fits a ton. Great quality

LV On My Side

Simply stunning. Quality is amazing and looks amazing

Gucci Jackie

10/10 comes with a long crossbody strap

LV Onthego GM

Perfect for work/travel. I love the large reverse monogram print on this

Hermès Kelly 28

Got this in the 28cm size, color option 2. Perfect for everyday items

Dior Saddle Bag

I’m obsessed with this! Got the “grain, black, gold” option.

Hermès Birkin 35 - Gold Hardware

Got this in black. Exterior looks great, interior isn’t exact but acceptable. Still love it!

Gucci Ophidia Top Handle

Beautiful bag! Gives me “coastal grandma” vibes and I’m here for it.

Gucci Marmont

Got color option “khaki” which is more like a blush in the size 22cm. Overall pleased with this bag and would recommend.

Gucci Marmont Aria

I got option G3, size 22cm. Stitching was perfect and quality was great!

Gucci Marmont Mini Shoulder Bag

Great size for carrying essentials. Got G1, size 18cm

LV Felicie - Vernis

Love the patent leather finish on this. It’s absolutely stunning in person!

LV Pochette Métis

The reverse monogram print is my fave! This has been my most used purse and I highly recommend it

YSL Sunset Bag

Gorgeous croc embossed leather. Kinda heavy but great quality.

Chanel Trendy CC

Leather feels so supple. Gold tone on hardware is perfect. Small flaw on the back but not noticeable to the untrained eye.

Hermès Birkin 35 - Palladium Hardware

Omg this one is perfect inside and out! Must get! This is the “light blue” color option.