Hey you, I’m Raff 👋🏻

Here to share some truths around Movement that I have discovered along the way as a Professional Dancer and through my Diploma in Clinical
Pilates and Teaching Methodology.

We are created to MOVE but not only that, MOVE WELL.

At age 17 I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, this journey has sparked a passion to help others in their bodies feel stronger and capable against the odds.

I love helping anyone that is in need of some movement in their lives and wants to better
understand their bodies. My classes are tailored to all levels of skill and fitness where I offer progressions or regressions as you need.

I enjoy engaging with my clients on a personal level, and I hope to educate and inspire you to start moving the body you have been blessed with. 💪🏻


I have been suffering from chronic pain for around 5 years, caused by sports injuries skiing and surfing. Predominantly back, SIJ and hip issues.
I have worked with various practitioners, physios, chiropractors, tried yoga, stretching, heat packs, cold packs, just about everything I could find.
I can safely say that working with Raff the past two months has yielded the best results. Incredibly this has all happened online, with me in the UK and her in Australia!
Raff has been fantastic at highlighting discrepancies and weaknesses in my body (incredibly over Zoom) and tailoring a regime to most benefit me.
I look forward to the sessions, seeing the progress I’m making weekly and the benefits to my overall well-being.
I would highly recommend working with Raff and have done so to numerous friends!

Samuel Mulligan Burden

I’ve been taking my virtual Pilates classes with Raffaella throughout lockdown starting in March. She’s transformed my aches & pains inflicted by remote working & with that has helped me gain a far more positive outlook on these global circumstances.
She not only coaches you carefully through exercises custom designed based upon your body on the day of your class, but it’s her wealth of knowledge that sets her apart from other tutors I have experienced in the past.
I couldn’t recommend Raffaella’s services enough & I feel very grateful to have a consistently attentive & effective Pilates coach to keep my body in check.

Camilla Besley

I’m super impressed with Raffaella’s knowledge on our bodies and what can help us. I have participated in her Pilates classes and HIIT workouts and have found both have worked really well for me and my body. Not having much Pilates experience, she made me feel really comfortable getting started. She explains each exercise thoroughly and really helps you understand how to move correctly to ensure you don’t cause any harm or enforce common compensations in your body. I always come out feeling really good and challenged.
She truly is an amazing instructor!

Tania De Stratis

Loved joining in on Raf’s HIIT work out- she was super welcoming and understanding of all levels. I myself am a beginner, and thoroughly enjoyed this class where I worked up a sweat! Whether it’s for weight loss or just for fun, this was a great session to participate in and I felt amazing coming out of it. She has such a positive & motivating presence in the class, that makes you want to work harder but also enjoy the moment and movements. I will definitely be signing up to another class!

Samantha Jansen

Raffaella has the gift, not only is she highly proficient and an instinctive teacher, she’s relatable. In a world where we seek truthful engagement with our wellbeing, to be able to do this online through a screen - Raffaella is the future of Pilates.

Anthony Harris