Love your partner, but not in the mood for lovin’ your partner?

It’s tough to feel frisky when “hot and wet” most often refers to your kid’s diapers, and the only thing you want touching you at the end of the day is the cold side of your pillow.

Put a finger down if...

The good news is...

You don’t have to navigate this alone. Although talking about sex can feel taboo and make resources hard to come by, I have curated powerful content and can customize the approach to provide the exact support you need to spice up your life again.

Now for the bad news…

I can’t do the work for you...and it will take work. To see an improvement in your relationship, you need to commit to putting in the effort and trusting the process.

Your life has changed, your body has changed, and now your relationship needs to change with it.

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Are you ready for a Relationship Reset?

Before you crawl under the covers with your partner, we will uncover the benefits of sexual wellness. Forget the outdated idea of a sex drive. It’s all about incentives. Either you have positive incentives to have sex, or you don’t and thus struggle with low desire.

Here’s the thing...the incentives go beyond just having an orgasm or making your husband happy. What happens in the bedroom has a way of affecting what happens in the rest of your home (and beyond). A healthy sex life can have real, positive impacts on how you show up as a parent, friend, employee, and of course, partner.

So join us as we go deep and retrain your brain so when it comes to sex you too think “score” instead of “chore”. It will take time—8 weeks to be exact—but the investment will pay off.

During the 8 week Relationship Reset, you and your partner will focus on 10 key areas:

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This program is for you if you want to …

Now maybe you’re thinking this sounds great, BUT…

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Can my partner join?

Absolutely! This program is intended to be a partner program so that you can get the maximum benefits. There is a great deal of independent work as well as partner work throughout the program, so don’t worry, you will be able to focus on both. Additionally, you will have access to privately ask questions and get feedback, in case you have hesitation saying certain things in front of your partner.

Does my partner need to join?

While it is highly beneficial for both partners to participate together, it is absolutely possible to gain great benefits from the program if done independently. Additionally, you will have ongoing access if you want to go through with your partner at a later point in time.

Are there any areas you cannot help with?

I am not a clinician, so I cannot provide medical advice for physical or mental health. I can provide support for you in taking the steps to seek this assistance if appropriate.

So, are you ready to reset your relationship?

Let’s do this!


Your oversharing big sister providing more details than some may be comfortable with about her sex life.

Everyone needs a friend and confidante they can talk about sex with (women and men)…I’m here to be that person for you!

I’m helping to normalize discussing the real struggles we are ALL experiencing in the bedroom. My experiences may be slightly different than yours, but my goal is to start an important discussion and make it a bit easier to chat about a taboo subject…and hopefully get a few laughs along the way.

Our sex lives should bring us confidence, power, playfulness, and happiness and they should help us feel connected, supported, appreciated, and in sync with our spouses. Unfortunately…many of us are struggling to achieve this for SOOO many reasons. I focus on sharing my journey - the ups/downs and the lessons learned that have helped me turn things around in my marriage time and time again.

I recognized I wasn’t alone in what I was experiencing - struggling to navigate my sex life with my husband at varying stages - marriage, pregnancy, motherhood, etc.

I knew I wanted to do something to help others so that they didn’t struggle to figure out things on their own like I did. And that is how Nishy came to be!

For those wondering what Nishy means or where it came from…it was the name for my private parts as a kid 🤷‍♀️.

I look forward to getting to connect with each of you and hopefully helping you on your journey to improving your sex life and overall sexual wellness. Please reach out and connect!

💕 Tara

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