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Pink Intrigue is a social impact content writing company. We create high-vibe, impactful written content for brands and individuals. We work to make your brand grow and glow.

We are social impact because 30 percent of our profits go to our #pinkfund. An initiative that provides safe, clean housing to single mothers and abused women in Ghana.

Pink launched in 2007 as a boutique content creation and online media company. We still work tirelessly to create the best written content and we work with multiple online publications to boost brand awareness and pump up the volume for your business, projects and everything else.

We operate on a simple, affordable and innovative content subscription service. You pay a small fee per month, we produce high-quality articles to showcase your brand, to provide you with the visibility you deserve and to eradicate that overwhelm.

Use your content for social proof, media kits and we can even provide with weekly stories for your blog.

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One Million Black-owned Brands

What is One Million Black-owned Brands? We(Pink Intrigue) are a social impact content writing company based in London, UK and Accra, Ghana. We create written content for Black-owned brands to build brand awareness and to uplift and elevate the Black business community on a global scale. 

The seeds of One Million Black-owned brands were planted right at the start of the global pandemic in 2020. We had this crazy idea to create written content for one million Black-owned brands. Then, we had another far-fetched idea to create a website where we showcase one million Black-owned brands to the world. High-quality written content, directory and affordable advertising for Black-owned brands. 

We want to start with a simple directory where we will showcase One million Black-owned brands from all over the world. 

We said that we are a social impact brand and we mean that. 30 percent of our profits go to providing safe, clean housing for vulnerable women in Ghana. We are also working with the youth in Ghana to provide opportunities for growth and change in less privileged communities. 

The idea: 

We create a page where brands will be showcased with images, links and written content. 

Next, we create various digital books showcasing all brands from different parts of the world. For example, UK, USA and Canada. 

The first step: the online destination to showcase your Black-owned brand. 

Here's the offer: 

Each brand pays just £2 for the slot.  

We are currently building a multi-purpose women's centre in Ghana for vulnerable and underprivileged women. This money will help us get this property built to the highest of standards. We have a number of other projects in the pipeline. 

Black people! Let's do this! 

Grab your £2 slot where you will get: 

A space in the directory/online space 

We will constantly promote your brand on socials and in content about one million Black-owned brands

Podcast interviews 

Featured interviews

Written content about your brand 

Be part of history 

You will also get articles written about your brand on other platforms,

If you are ready to get started: 

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Pink Intrigue is a social impact content writing brand. We work with native English writers to provide high-quality content to boost brand awareness, increase traffic to your website/offerings and to increase brand visibility online.

Our brand is social impact because 30 percent of our profits go to providing safe, clean housing for single mothers and abused women in Ghana, West Africa.

We work tirelessly to create content that resonates with your target audience. We write for change.

All articles are posted on websites such as and which are high ranking sites with reliable domain authority. These sites will help to boost search engine ranking and increase traffic to your sites. Think about it as low-cost online public relations.

You will get:

-10 articles per month for 12 months
-We will create a shared Google sheet with all article titles and links therefore, you can check the progress of the content being created.

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