Podcast Launch, Editing, and Management Services

The Podcaster Premium Package

All you have to do is HIT RECORD, and we'll do the rest!⁣

👉Want to start a podcast but don't know where and how to start?⁣
👉Don't want to waste your time learning all the technical skills involved in starting and managing your own show?⁣
👉Not interested in wasting any more time on editing?⁣
👉Struggling to stay on track and finding it difficult to upload consistently?⁣
👉Burnt out from doing everything by yourself with little to no support?⁣

✅Take unnecessary and small tasks off your plate and leave them to the expert⁣
✅Have more time to spend on what matter most in your business⁣
✅Be at ease that your episodes will be released on a consistent schedule⁣
✅Finally get that support from someone who cares as much as you do about your podcast's growth and success⁣

I will work 1:1 with you in nourishing your goals for podcasting, create & maintain podcasts that connect with your target audience, and in return turn listeners into customers/clients.

Podcast Editing

👉Is podcast editing taking too much of your time?⁣
👉Don't have enough time, energy, or interest to learn how to podcast edit?⁣
👉Burnt-out from doing everything by yourself?⁣

✅Take your podcast editing off your plate and leave it to the expert⁣
✅Save time and be more efficient⁣
✅Focus on content creation and stop stressing about editing your podcast episodes


Get to know me a little bit better!⁣⁣

✨Hello there! My name is Shiela and I am a freelance podcast editor and manager for entrepreneurs and creatives to create impactful episodes and thrive on Podcasting! ⁣⁣⁣
✨I'm a wife, a mother of two lovely girls, and a fur mom of one Siberian husky. ⁣I love all kinds of coffee but my favorite would be cappuccinos. Cafes are my go-to places for relaxing, I always enjoy the ambiance and the smell of coffee.⁣⁣☕️⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
✨We live just by the beach so, I always take time out of my day to walk and watch the sunset. I also enjoy lifting weights and being active in the community we call home: Cebu, Philippines⁣.⁣⁣⁣⁣
I'm so grateful to do what I do! I look forward to working with you.⁣

How it works〰

How to get started working with Shiela as your Podcast Editor and Manager. ↓

Step One

Schedule a free consultation call.

This will allow us to chat, go over details, and see if we would make a good team.

Step Two

A customized proposal will be sent covering the service details and framework

Step Three

Contract signed. Invoice paid. Onboarding begins!

Step Four

After our kickoff meeting, the work begins! You record the audio and I take care of the rest.

Let’s get started!