Project Diversify Medicine

Leading the Way with Pre-Med Advice for Future Black & Brown Doctors

PROJECT DIVERSIFY MEDICINE (PDM) is the intersection of od culture and medicine. The pulse of PDM is their virtual IG village that has grown to over 3K since it's founding in 2015. They see the need and value of diversity in Medicine to heal the culture and improve black and brown health outcomes. ​

The approach for PDM to increase diversity in the medical field is rather unique as they have been able to leverage social media and culture to inspire and educate future Black and Brown aspiring Doctors.

Meet The Founder:

Dr. Ashley Denmark who is a powerhouse African American physician hailing from St. Louis, MO. In 2015, she became one of the first African American females to graduate from The Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine in South Carolina. In 2018, Dr. Denmark returned to her hometown of St. Louis and joined the BJC Medical Group where she became the first African American Female Family Medicine Physician at Missouri Baptist Medical Center, since it's opening in 1884. From hospital dishwasher to breaking barriers in family medicine, this is quite the full circle moment for Dr. Ashley Denmark.

Events, Opportunities, & Resources

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Med school Secondary Essay and Interview MasterClass

This Application has been confusing and frustrating enough! Join our masterclass so we can simplify this whole process and help you get that white coat!

- Will review the most common secondary essay prompts and show you how to answer them
Review how to construct a secondary essay
-Learn how to prepare secondaries before you even get them and make this process QUICKER
-Understand how to prepare for interviews
-Learn about the AAMC VITA process
-How keep organized this cycle
-Develop how to market

Expel Daniel Michelson Now #TakeHisWhiteCoat

Daniel Michelson, a fourth-year medical student at the University of Minnesota Medical School defaced the mural of George Floyd. We demand that he be expelled immediately because there is no place in the medical field for bias doctors.

The White Coat Fund

Project Diversify Medicine is an organization dedicated to providing resources, encouragement and education to aspiring minority doctors. Currently there is crisis in the medical field with a shortage of black and brown doctors. 5% of US doctors are black, 6% Hispanic and less than 1% are Native American/Pacific Islander.

This shortage of black and brown doctors has led to the launching of our White Coat Fund to help lessen the financial burden that prevents minorities from pursuing their doctor dreams. Funds raised will go toward med school applications, MCAT fees, traveling funds, and even the simple coffee to fuel a late night study session.

Please join our village and help help support the next generation of black and brown doctors and help end this crisis in medicine!

Petition against ICE during COVID 19

On Monday, July 6th, U.S. Immigration, and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced modifications to the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP). The modifications would impact international students enrolled in U.S. schools that would be fully online due to the risks associated with in-person learning in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Everything you need to know about MCAT Changes

Whew Chile! The MCAT is snatching edges all 2020 with these format changes and cancellations! Let's set the record straight and make your journey to your white coat easier.

Listen to a 1 hour webinar from Project Diversify Medicine and learn about the MCAT changes for 2020, how it impacts your medical school application and how you should prepare for the new MCAT, and live Q and A about the pre-med journey.

Download our MCAT webinar today and let's collect these white coats future docs!

New AACOMAS Guidelines for 2020 Application

Cornbread and White Coat Lecture Series: Secure Your Med School Admission

In this series you will find over 10+ hours of lectures with Dr. Denmark, Founder of PDM and Board Certified Family Medicine Physician. Dr. Denmark has been in your shoes and traveled the non-traditional path from post-bacc to special masters program officially an Attending showing that it's possible Now she is paving the way for you to follow in her footsteps!