All About Empress A!👼🏿 💕

Your personal Spiritual Activator + Multidimensional Healer!

Greetings Divine Being,

I’m Akosua, but I’m known to my clients as Empress A! 👸🏿

I use this name because it’s a reminder of the Divine majestic power that we command as our birthright! 💯

I’m a high-level spiritual activator, messenger of The Light Council, mermaid from Atlantis, Advanced Akashic Records Practitioner and multidimensional galactic healer. 🪐💫✨

I activate you to recode trauma and awaken your Soul Purpose so that you can shine your Divine light in the world and command an authentic and abundant life. 🤗🚀

My “story” is that I’ve overcome various types of trauma by using trauma as a spiritual tool to reconnect to my divinity, command my Soul Purpose (true purpose!) and create the life I want – instead of a life controlled by trauma responses. 🤦🏿‍♀️ And…my Soul Purpose is to help you do the same!!

I use the Akashic Records and various energy healing practices and activations to help you release trauma responses and remember that original divine spark that we forget or repress due to trauma. For more about my work check out my “work with me” section!✨🚀

Fun fact: After working as a top 10% award winning sales representative in the Biotech industry for over 12 years, I quit my multiple 6 figure job to fulfill my mission to help heal the planet. 🙌🏿🤷🏿‍♀️

But, this didn’t completely come out of the blue. My father was psychic and as a 1st gen Ghanaian American I was exposed to a lot of magical power through my culture and lineage. I started reading Tarot cards, communicating with guides and meditating at 14 years old. Later in life completed several courses at the Berkeley Psychic Institute and also trained with a few African mystics. 🧘🏿‍♀️🙏🏿

File that, because I had been running away from my gifts for a long time! For a long while I was completely controlled by the energy and thought forms of my traumatic experiences and my entire life was organized around “playing it safe,” and trying to manage depression, anxiety and loss of Self/Soul, by not rocking the boat, flipping on any triggers, or truly be seen. Sound familiar? 👀

Thanks to the strength of my original spark I was still able to manifest a lot, even from a repressed place of “playing it safe,” and my life from the outside looked like a dream. 💸🏝🏎💨

But on the inside, I was stuck, disconnected and deeply unhappy. 🥺

Fast forward to today, after a lifetime of personal healing and spiritual work and a recent Dark Night of the Soul (called the Pandemic!), I was pushed to answer the call and made a decision deep in my Soul to be my complete unique self and surrender to my gifts. 🙏🏿

I enrolled in an Advanced Akashic Records Practitioner program and my consciousness and my understanding of my life journey blew wide open. 🤯

I am so excited to be here to help you expand and awaken so that you can shine your light and manifest your desired reality like the Divinely royal expression of God/Goddess/Source/Spirit that you are! 👑 👼🏻👼🏿💕

If you’re ready to step out of autopilot and start commanding your reality, reach out to set up your Soul Purpose Activation Call now. Let’s see how we can work together. 💫 🚀😘

Fun Fact: I’m also an award-winning songwriter! 🎼🎵🎧

Activate Your Super Powers with Me!

Activation mode engaged! 😀

Ready to awaken to your Soul Purpose?

Is there a part of you that feels like your life is on autopilot and you’re sleeping at the wheel? 😴

Are you sometimes in a fog of emotions or thoughts about past pain (depression) and fear about the future (anxiety), and feeling helpless to affect change in your life? 😓

Do you feel like life is always happening to you, and wish you could take more control? 🤭

You may be operating on subconscious trauma responses instead of acting as an active conscious presence in your own life. 🧐

I offer you a new vibration:

You are safe to be your authentic self and shine your bright light in all situations, without defaulting to people pleasing! 💯

You are safe to try new ways of being, without fear of punishment or judgement! 💯

You are safe to be in your body, feel and release every emotion and tune into the clarity Body Wisdom! 💯

You are safe to create and command your own limitless reality! 💯

You are safe to reconnect to your Soul's original pre-incarnation intention! 💯

You are free from shame! 💯

To support you in this journey, I work with the Akashic Records, light beings, spirit guides, multidimensional beings and a variety of healing practices to help your clear your energetic channels, deprogram Ego based scripts and conditioning, unlock the Wisdom of your physical body, heal past lives and ancestral lines, inner children and more! 🙌🏿🤗⚛️

If you’re ready for a massive level-up, schedule your Soul Purpose Activation Call now to get clear on the next step in your journey and feel the vibration of my Soul Purpose Activation Program, Reign in Your Life!.🚀✨🔮

Complete menu of offerings listed below.

Reign in Your Life! - Soul Purpose Activation Call!

I look forward to speaking with you about how I can support you to activate your Soul Purpose and Reign in Your Life!🎉💕

My 1:1 Reign in Your Life!™️ Soul Activation Coaching Program is designed to support and activate you to recode trauma and awaken your Soul Purpose so that you can shine your Divine light in the world and command an authentic and abundant life!🤗✨

Book your Soul Purpose Activation Call now to see if this is the right next step for you!

During this call we will:
🚀Get grounded in what you truly desire.
🚀Uncover the current programs, thought forms and Divine messages that are at play.
🚀Activate your next step in your Soul Purpose journey.

30 min

This call includes a chakra activation!

Book Your Soul Purpose Activation Call Now!

Akashic Records Soul Purpose Reading

Not your middle school librarian, but the librarian you need! 👏🏿🎉

With the help of your Spirit Team I’ll access your record to look into your Soul’s journey through lifetimes. ⚛️📖

What to expect:
🚀Insight into your Soul’s purpose in this lifetime.
🚀Insight into your Soul’s unique gifts and abilities
🚀Past life Integration
🚀Ancestral Line Healing
🚀Profound expansion in consciousness and connection to Source energy.
🚀Confidence to walk in your Soul Truth and truly be yourself.
🚀Unconditional love
🚀Practical guidance to integrate your expansion

1 hour

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Custom Light Language Transmission

I’ll channel a customized light language healing code from the Council of Light, based on your specific Soul intention. 🤗💕

What to expect:
🚀Powerful deprogramming of Ego based scripts and conditioning
🚀Instant supercharge of your vibration
🚀Activation of dormant ancient intelligence in your Body and Soul
🚀Heightened insight, clarity and connectedness
🚀Unconditional love
🚀Practical guidance to integrate your expansion


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The Gift of the Stars - Healing

Fasten your seatbelt, clutch your pearls and experience this Galactic healing power given to me by The Star People! 🎉👏🏿🤗🚀

What to expect:
🚀A meteor shower of overwhelming unconditional love, light, warmth and safety
🚀Activation of self-healing abilities
🚀Instant supercharge of your vibration
🚀Activation of dormant ancient intelligence in your Body and Soul
🚀Heightened insight, clarity and connectedness
🚀Practical guidance to integrate your expansion

30 min

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The Connect

My Sprit Team will help you connect you your Spirit Team! 💯💯

What to expect:
🚀Bask in an overwhelming sense of unconditional love, light and safety
🚀Supercharge your vibration
🚀Divine messages and insight
🚀Practical tools to connect to your Spirit Team moving forward.


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Inner Child Healing Journey

Many of us have Inner Children who to a certain extent are hidden, repressed or locked away as a result of our own Ego trying to keep us safe when we experienced hurtful or invalidating experiences in the world or in our family systems as children. 🥺

Moving through the world as adults, while being disconnected from our Inner Children, we may have forgotten how to play, how to be magical and how to DREAM. 👀

We may have adopted certain programs and ways of being in an effort to feel safe and worthy, when our environment told us that we are not. Now these programs are running on autopilot even though they are now unhelpful. 🤦🏿‍♀️

Our goal in healing the Inner Child is to reconnect, release, remember and PLAY! 🧚🏿‍♀️

Your Inner Child is the gatekeeper of your Soul level gifts, manifestation powers and keys to your Soul Purpose. She/He/They is(are) a deep spiritual resource! 🤗

During this 3 session package, we'll journey to a safe place where you can connect to, heal, and receive messages from your Inner Child. You'll also have the opportunity to release old programs that you are ready to release at this time. 😊👼🏿

You'll be given some homework and practical tips to continue this integration journey on your own! 🗝🚀

3 Session Package
1 hour each

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But wait...what’s that you said about trauma?

Trust me when I say trauma is a powerful tool for spiritual awakening.

Here is my extremely accessible definition of trauma…

Trauma is anything that:

1. Made you fundamentally and consistently question your safety

2. Made you default to dissociation (not being grounded you your body)

3. Made you hide or shrink parts of yourself

4. Caused you to have difficulty regulating emotions, which may have resulted in additions, eating disorders, depression, anxiety etc.

5. Repeatedly took away your personal power to use your voice or express yourself and your gifts authentically. (ie. narcissistic parents, or religious abuse)

6. Fundamentally interfered with your development as a sexual/sensual being

7. Caused persistent heartbreak

8. Made you consistently feel unworthy or undeserving of love

Trauma is a deep spiritual teacher. In overcoming and untangling ourselves from trauma we can achieve peace, bliss, expanded states of consciousness, and activate our gifts and purpose. I know it’s possible, because I’ve done it!

Hidden in our experience of trauma are the keys to enlightenment and ascension. Because the body/thoughts/emotions/subconscious (where trauma is stored) are the main tools for discovering, reclaiming and expanding the Soul.

Maybe you’ve done years of therapy, but still are struggling with painful experiences. Maybe you’re in therapy now and it’s helpful, but you need something more to go deeper. Maybe you’re not into therapy, but you still want support and transformation.

My healing work may be the missing link for you. I know through my own personal experiences that the energetic/Soul/spiritual piece may be what’s missing from the work you’re doing with your therapist.

Work with me and expect deep rapid transformation. Expect to gain control and command over your life and get re - aligned to your divinity and original Soul Purpose.

And guess what...this is gonna be more play than work because dealing with all of this stuff can be so fun once you change your perspective!

Together we can recode trauma and reclaim the power of your original spark - your original Soul Purpose - so that you can shine your Divine light in the world and live an authentic and abundant life.

Are you ready to wake up from the emotional fog of your experiences and start actively creating the life you want?

Book your Soul Purpose Activation Call with me now and feel vibration of my Soul Purpose Activation Program, Reign in Your Life!.

Book your Soul Purpose Activation Call now!

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