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about me

🌱 welcome 🌱

Hi, my name is Rhiannon, but you can call me Rhi. I’m currently a college student working towards an animation and game design degree. I like playing games, making art, thrifting, anime, plants, and spending far too much time online. On this insta-website you can learn a little bit about me, find links to all my socials, my portfolio, and more. {this website is a wip}

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my top picks for shaders, mods, resource packs, and (coming soon) worlds

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bsl shaders

these are the shaders I use and you can follow the download link to get them here!

sildurs shaders

a really popular option and my second favorite shaders I’ve seen so far, definitely a great shader pack!

bsl vs sildur shaders comparison video

not sure which of those two shader picks to pack? This video helped me choose!

mod list

mizunos craft (PC)

one of the most popular resource and cit packs especially for a cottagecore aesthetic

mizunos craft (MCPE)

this is the download link for mizunos 16 craft on mcpe! I don’t have mcpe so I’ve never used this, but I have heard from other sources that this is a working link as of right now


mega cit pack, adds new blocks and items to the game (mega pack WILL slow down older computers, there are options to download specific packs if you would like)

minty cit

another cit pack, adds new blocks and items to the game

better leaves add on

improve the look of your Minecraft trees with this leaf add on

cherrycraft (light)

transforms birch trees into sakura trees


super cute resource pack and mod, has a vintage feel to it


adds an autumn theme to everything

just upgrade it winter add on

brings winter to your Minecraft world

abbie’s cit

another cit pack, adds new blocks and items to the game

aria’s coffee shop

another cit pack, adds new coffee themed
blocks and items to the game (cit pack not used in this photo)

minecraft mod list

these are all the mods I use or have used in the past and enjoyed with links on where to download them!


a must have for shaders and several mods!



you can use either this or fabric to install mods, but I’ve only used forge so far


fairy lights

a super cute mod that lets you place a variety of fairy lights in the game


biomes o plenty

this mod adds tons of new biomes to the game and with that comes lots of new blocks to build with!


just enough items

have lots of mods and aren’t sure what items are included or the recipes? This mod is exactly what you’re looking for! JEI adds a menu tab that allows you to look through the different mod packs you have and find recipes for each item (NOTE: this mod will not show CIT pack items such as mizunos and ghoul craft)


natures compass

if you’re anything like me, you set out to look for a new biome and travel thousands of blocks to no avail. This handy tool allows you to look for a specific biome and tells you how far away it is



this mod adds a bunch of different lights to the game such as new lanterns, and candles


dads sewing

this mod adds a sewing machine and when used gives access to several new blocks and accessories, such as witches hats and plushies!



this mod adds in a bunch of new creatures, such as the sprouts pictured above, and blocks for you to discover in your world



tired of leading mobs back to your base with a lead or food? this mod adds a craftable pokeball to the game that allows you to catch mobs


world edit

this mod allows you to easily edit your world

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