About me

Global Mind since 2010

I’m a Global Mobility Consultant & entrepreneur with over 12 years experience ✨

I support people relocating from one country to another, typically into EMEA.

What about me?
I have moved from Italy, to France, to London - permanently since 2011 - with very little money and a broken suitcase.

In UK I have worked in several industries where I have built up my expertises in customer service and customer experience.

Few years later in 2017 I have once again taken another step, I always wondered how it was living by the sea so... I have decided to move form a massive city to a peaceful island, Palma de Mallorca Spain 🌴

I have started working on logistics where I have learned a lot about shipments, pick up drop off, customs...it was a wonderful experience, but I missed London.

After about 2 years I decided to go back to my London as I managed to get my “dream job” a wonderful position as a Global Mobility Consultant 🌍

Along with my job I started my side business that shortly became a real business making me earning from multiple stream on income - as I encourage doing to all my clients 💸

Now I'm helping people from all over the world to move in Europe o through it and create their dream life.

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Global Mobility

My experience for your new expat life

If your are planning to move abroad you surely feel: stressed, anxious, scared, overwhelmed.

That's normal...you are facing a huge change in your life!
🔸How you could feel safer and less stressed and ultimately enjoy your expatriation process?

👉 Pick my mind for 1h and discover how simple is to move abroad and build your dream life when you have a full strategy designed for you!

What we are going to do in this time together?

🔸I am going to listen your story, your doubts and your goals
🔸I would explain to you the main things that in my experience you should pay attention to based on where you are planning to move
🔸We will create together a map to follow to overcome the problems and achieve your goals (with some of my special tips)

What you will get at the end of the consultation?
⚡A clearer mind
⚡A positive attitude
⚡A lot of answers
⚡A map to follow

And the possibility to access my Full Support Program for your moving 🌍
In this program you will have my 1-1 support all the phases of your relocation, from the packing step to the signing of your new home and new job contracts!

What are you waiting for?
Let's plan your new life with me and stop being anxious, losing money in bad moving choice and have headaches!✈️


Create a passive income online

Why you should create an online business? 🤔

Well, I feel the question should be the opposite: why - in a world of terrifying high inflation and low salaries - you shouldn't have multiple streams of income?

Everyday I help people moving, and that's exciting, but, what if you could move everywhere just because you want and NOT because you have to?

👉 I know the online world could seem a mess and you can feel discouraged and confused when coming to create a digital business.

But I can assure you that it is not that difficult IF you have the right guide and a whole supporting community 🙌

Owning an online business means:
🔸having the possibility to literally work from everywhere
🔸adjusting your work schedule to match your life and family needs - not the opposite
🔸creating multiple streams of income - mainly passive - to increase your financial freedom

And, no, you don't need to leave your job. I started my very first online businesses when I was about 10 years IN my global mobility full time job 😨

However, I managed to grow both my career and my business - while living my family life and travel the world.

👉 Why shouldn't you try?

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