Everyone has a story!


Hay Hay Hay

I'm Sam, I'm your independent distributor for It works. I'm based in the UK but my teams growing international.

I live for one purpose and that's to leave my mark on this at times ugly world. I'm a mum of two beautiful rainbow babies one with additional needs and one who's just a feisty little toddler. I'm so beyond blessed to have them.

I started this business for an extra few hundred pounds a month, then I realised my potential and the potential that's brought about by helping people change their lives. People tell me I'm crazy because of the dreams I hold and I say 'you'll dam right I'm crazy'. All the best people are but honestly if your dreams don't scare you, then you aren't dreaming big enough.

If you have goals, ambition, drive and passion then you've landed in the right place. No one here is normal because we are dreamers and for dreamers to turn things to reality you have to be a little bit crazy... I look forward to getting to know you be it through your health goals, skin care goals or who knows even your career goals.

Stressed, Blessed & Coffee Obsessed ☕

I'm here to help you reach your dream life

"Make your life a masterpiece, imagine no limitions on what you can be, have or do" - Brian Tracy