We are an INA based OA lil bit inspired by Farrell Hilal's song - Second Date. Secondiem supposedly, 'diem' is Latin for 'date'. But we changed it to Secondime.

— Secondime (n.) Second time

The purpose of the second time here, we want you to know, that you deserve a second chance. The second chance here is due to mistakes you made in the past. With secondime you can do better with second chance. Through new people (oa mates) you can correct your mistakes. Like the lyrics in the Second Date song "We'll share everything we know with each other while we're on our way." You will help each other to change for the better.

See our rules here.



• Please, RESPECT the CT's and the other members!

• Accept all star general RPs only.

• One account per head and no twins, except your muse have a twin in real life.

• Weird nick, JFB, bot thingy, circle in cirlcle, war, drama, are STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

• Username and display name must be related with your muse. If your muse have English name or Nickname, do tell us later in your form.

• Love wins and be respectful towards each other.

• NSFW, explicit or rated contents are allowed at 11 PM - 5 AM West Indonesian Time.

• Multi agencies is allowed, maximum 3 including us, and Squad maximum 2 (Squad that has system like Open Agencies.)

• Please do update your muse with your own style and please don't use an upchar bot.

• The limit of your following 500.

• New account are accepted with the minimum tweets must reached 150 and your minimum following 35.

• Do Temporary Swap maximum 2 times and change your face claim maximum 1 time in a month.

• Please use brackets if you are tweeting about OOC thingy, but don't do it too often.

• Once you get verified, you must follow your OA mates and mingle well with them.

• Dig up your mention tab as often as possible, we don't want any of our members can't get along well.

See our regulations here.



• Short Hiatus : 5 days

• Long Hiatus : 7 days


• 4 days not get along with others will lead you into unverification.

• 3 days being inactive without any notice and 2 days being inactive after hiatus will lead you into unverification.

• 1 day being inactive after verification will lead you into unverification too. so PLEASE, appreciate the slots we gave to you.

• Not participating in our event and games for 3 times without any reason.

• If your account get locked or suspended and you're not notify us, you will be unverified.

• If you're breaking our rules after the second warning, you will be unverified.

Temporary Swap and Exchanging Faceclaim.

— Temporary Swap.

• Maximum temporary swap two times in a month.

— Exchanging faceclaim

• Maximum changing faceclaim one time in a month. And make sure your character is available.


Meet the Caretakers

Eleanne Tsalitsa.

Masaji Nugraha.

Jeselyn Alea.

Enrico Cyan Oktandeus.