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All the link will be provided here πŸ¦‹
Size L - 2XL
Height : 150cm
Weight : 60kg

55. Pencil Skirt (Plus Size)

54. Heels for Raya

I ambik size 39 and ngam ngam je with my feet

53. Chiffon Silk Satin 2.0

52. Starry Light Projector

51. Desire Perfume

50. Shawl cotton (Pure)

49. Vintage Sweatshirt (Baggy)

48. Pleated Skirt (Like Uniqlo)

47. Pleated Skirt

46. Telekung (Cotton)

45. Blouse RM20

44. Earbuds

40. Makena Alluna Telekung

43. Shop Cotton Shawl (Voile/Polycotton/Pure)

42. Scarf Mesra Mask / Tak Tutup Telinga 😷

41. Loose pants

39. Digital Tasbih Swarvoski

Manik dia sangat la secure and pegang pun best je

38. Tulip Heels

37. Bathroom / Washer Machine Rack

Jimat Space βœ…
Tahan Lasak βœ…

36. Kimuse Eyebrows Stamp

Pigmented and easy to use βœ…

35. Shawl Chiffon Silk

Shawl ni even dia lembut but senang sangat nak atur. And paling penting dia tak transparent. Kdang malas nak lilit lilit. Pakai selempang pun onz! πŸ˜‚

34. Simple Totebag (Big Capacity)

33. Waterproof Material Dufel Sling Bag

32. Duckbill Mask Pastel Color

Ni link baru yang I provided sebab yang lama punya dah unlisted

31. Duckbill Mask 4ply

30. Geometric Printed Shawl

29. Diamond Ring. (Ala ala Vivy Yusof)

28. Magic Card Holder 2.0

27. Wallet purse money clip.πŸ’΅

26. Magic Card Holder

25. Baesus WM01 TWS Bluetooth Earphones Stereo Wireless 5.0

24. Vonda Women Baggy Long Sleeve High Neck Cotton Blouse

23. Silicone Iphone Casing

22. Korean style Dress - Slim A Line Cut

21. White Blouse (Spilt Side)

20. White Leather Handbag

19. Leopard Handbag

18. Satin Shawl

Even dia Satin Material but dia tak licin and sangat FLOWY! πŸ₯ΊπŸ¦‹ I beli kat Masjid Jamek dulu for RM25 now dah RM9.90 je!

17. White Sneakers

11. Arabic Shawl

16. Sling Bag Shoulder Handbag

15. White Loose Blouse

14. Wide Leg Pants Jeans

13. SHEIN Black Loose Pants

12. Floral Long Sleeve Blouse

09. Long Chiffon Flowy Cardigan

10. Purse πŸ‘›

08. Batik Silk Outer

07. Zanzea Printed Dress

06. Loose Floral Blouse

05. Chiffon Black Blouse

04. Satin A-Line Skirt

03. Satin Dress

02. Puffy Sleeve Blouse

01. A- Line Chiffon Skirt

This A-Line skirt will make your waist and hips look thinner 😍

Your best 'friend'


These things like your friends. They will always with you whenever you go. Such as hangbags, necklace, rings, watch, mirror and many more. πŸ¦‹