Where am I?

You have awoken in a deserted land. The echoes of an ominous silence gather around you. In the distance, you feel a calling. A fervid pull, a summons of sorts. Enthralling you to venture deep into the abyss. Do you venture further on?

Welcome, formidable luminary. You have decided to be curious, and indulge. Go on with infinite acuity, and patience further still. Be not deceived by the malignant creatures that lurk around in these deep corners. May you be bestowed with understanding and wisdom.

If you find something worth mentioning, return to your world and speak it out loud to me. Tread on now, friend. Swipe left to begin your adventure.

Poems : Volume I

Step forth, breathe into the world you’ve never known.

To touch you is to touch broken glass.
Your beauty too immense, like a blistered rainbow sound. Your love too intense, a pitiful siren song.

Destined to doom, our fateful love. I cut myself on your alluring silver crown. Come closer, they beckon, the pieces of your broken heart, and I go, like a delirious fool in fevered love.

To love you is to love a haunted past,
It’s pain cuts through to a sinful scar.
I know not what you mean and bleed onto the edge the dawn, where I kneel and wait till the world is gone.

I echo all around this empty sorrowful room, your words of nothing a daunting gloom. I reach out to the tempting release of my worries, but what I get instead are plenty more miserable journeys.

To hate you is to hate my wretched self,
Mayhap what I love cannot love back and perhaps what I trust can never trust back.

Fall, unfettered
Feather of my doom
Your love is fragile
But holds infinite truths

Rage, unending
Storm of my sea
Your wrath is eternal
But holds infinite Peace

Wail, unfearing
Void of my darkness
Your ache is forlorn
But holds infinite sadness

Hate, unyearning
Pearl of my wisdom
Your trust is unbound
But holds infinite phantoms

And so we move on, appearing unfazed
by the river of life, infinitely dazed

Your words hit at me like sharpened knives,
Prying at lost and untold lies.
The wound blossoms its vain in crimson.
The truth surrounds me like a forbidden prison.

And when I try to pull these sacred knives out,
What comes instead is a broken heart of love.

What a pretty, tainted love
Filled with poison ivy clouds
And I go, onward with you

What a blissful horror ground
You love running me round and round
And for you, I never lose

What a twisted siren sound
With its broken lovely crown
And I fall deeper, deeper, deeper, into its tune

I cannot perceive what the world is made of
With its fragile dreams and lackluster love,
With its tormentful nightmares and vivid hatred.

I cannot imagine what the world is made of
With its icy fires and burning water,
With its bright skies and a storm thereafter

I cannot delude what the world is made of
With its sweet venom and deadly aphrodisiacs,
With its shimmering stars and dull clouds

Oh I wonder what the world is made of
With its broken promises and lasting forevers,
With its releasing ache and agonizing bliss

Oh you precious glass,
You be so pretty and wise, like it.

So knowing, so seductive.
So lovely, so beloved.

You dance, graceful, atop the worlds so profound
So lost within space, with your divine sounds

Oh, we long to be like you.

But strange.

Look, how easy you break!
So broken, so fragile,
I wonder if you’re even real!

Do you feel like the rest of us?
Or do you, with your magic sounds, only potray some estranged grounds?

How terrible! You must be wary!
Put off your dreadful mask, it covers naught but your harmful laugh.

Farewell, fragility.

I lay inside the glass box,
Fragile, no one touch!

I lay wrapped up in silk,
Pretty, admire from afar.

I lay adorned with crystals,
Delicate, no one ask.

A perfect mask, worn so with even more.

The tempests gather round in swirling tiresome blasts,
And I, in my glass box, do naught but lay still for it to politely leave.

Rowdy, untamed, it seeks its vengenance,
But my silks, so pretty, make me a graceful mound.

It tears at the box, the sounds deafening.
I admire my crystals, lost in the reflections.

Bedazzling sights, ye!
So divine, ascetic.
A thousand words of poetry, nor a couple thousand pictures, can ever make up for your beauty.

But the storms tear through, blind and oblivious. Disturb naught the queen of pieces: Of lust and seduction, of calm and peace.

Pieces of fabric stitched wearily together, you’ll see.

It breaks the glass box, shattering it in its wake.
It tears through the silks, rags in its way.
It snickers at the crystals, pushing them away.

And oh, look at what’s inside.


A mask an on ordinary little girl.
With frantic eyes and panicked breaths. With tears in her eyes, wary of death.

Beauty. Grace. Power.

Pleasureable, she had none!

But the tempest looks naught twice, shaken out of its nature for a moment.

It lets out a howl, a vaguely mournful shriek, and tears the mystic masks she wears.

Look! Her glass box! Her silks! Crystals!

Rejoice, gather, gather.
Take one, take all.
Let us build another.

And so went on the path.
Of something,
And of nothing.

Where at the end, a little girl weaps.
And the shreds of the masks lay at her feet.

As I enter the ominous hall,
with the dazzling gold filigree,

Nothing much strikes me as odd

Why, then, does trepidation line my bones?

My eyes linger, on the extravagant decor,

And ah! Look there, a Crack on the floor, barely visible.

I take up after it, eager for salvation.


Recoiling in terror, I gasp in horror,

Look, look there.

The strange echoes of evil line the walls

What lies further beyond?

I glance back, hesitant

But the walls beckon me toward

I look upon the tendrils of darkness,

As seductive as a determined soul

Look upon, thee innocent one

What does your soul ache for?

Oh, such a temptful ask

I resist, lest I fall into the gloom

Who are thee? I seek

An invisible smile of all the darkest sins meet my eyes

Salvation, it whispers.

I take a step nearer, reaching out with my fearful hands.

The gilded halls are gone!

And see!

The halls reek of smoke and sin

The promise of all within

Afraid? The voice mocks, all around me, in my head

Let go! I grasp at a sense of rational thought

Never, it whispers, into my ear, a promise of lust and possession.

Enraptured, my eyes glaze, forever at their will.

Yes, I breathe.

Dampen the voices of our hearts,
Rupture our love and break us apart.
Deceive our trust and ruin our dreams,
Shelter our hopes and make us bleed.

Let it be written, our rightful constitution,
Let it begin, our timely restitution.

We plant the seeds of our perpetual love,
We grow our symbol of peace; a graceful dove.
We banish the ghosts of our dreary hatred,
We let hopes blossom; now we are sated.

Let it thrive, our rightful constitution,
Let it flourish, our timely retribution.

And now our voices have strength anew,
Our love and unity no longer askew.
Our trust is mended and our dreams run high,
Our hopes now reach beyond the skies.

We join our hands and chant together,

We are the victims with scars on our bodies.
We are the backward classes with scars on our minds.
We are the children with scars on our future.

We are the citizens of a new tomorrow,
Where we are promised justice, liberty, equality, fraternity.

Let it unite, our rightful constitution,
Let it bind, our timely evolution.

Tendrils of everlasting aching solitude
Wrap around our hearts, now numb: destitute.

Despair be our relentless raging firesong;
Tears follow, silent, they whisper grimly along.

Fly, hopes of mine, bring mercy with you!
But they falter, flicker, with subdued hues.

The sapient clementine rays of dawn all hear;
They gather; consider our prayers, clear.

And now they cast forth a reply, sent with mirth:

“The quarantine will be gone, my heavenly dears;
For now we stand together apart, don’t you fear.”

And now I carry on their spirit, through this verse:

Let us love in the dark, siblings of mine,
We share no blood but of this earth divine.

Let us sing awake the brightness reluctant,
We will get rid of this sickness, repugnant.

Poems : Volume II

Fly, my firebird, you have a thousand realities to discover.

A plaintive note strikes my heart
Bound in simplicity so beautiful its sound

With emotion galore
And value worth more

Beyond a million jewels we seek
The tainted midnight sky bleeds

And thy words they linger etched in my heart
With such beauty, more formidable than art

Heartbreak, oh is it my fate?
A breath long held all in vain,
Tears long shed down the drain.

Closure, oh is it forever?
Words unsaid in the gloomy weather,
Hurt my heart: it was now or never.

And oh, those vines, they grew so tight,
Seizing my soul oh divine.

And yet those words, they refused to be heard,
Reach out did my soul, it never learned.

How far did I reach?
How long did I plead?

And yet those scars they were merely bleak,
Oh whatever did you do to me?

The words, they sealed
The captivating world beneath.

The world of happiness, the world of peace,
The world that harbored streams of glee.

And in its place grew a world of chaos,
A world of war,
A world of misery, begone, begone.

I lay my morphed soul bare at your feet,
I wish my wishes and defeatedly kneel,
I seem distant, I cannot feel.

These damned halls
Glow like the bitter fall.
And then they halt

For they knew they dared not
Show that they sought
The misery they brought.

They swivel away from the hounds of despair
The marvel away at the lord’s lair.

Truthful are they till the end,
Loving are they till the bend.

Tender are they when they mend,
Perfect are they; a god send.

Slaves are they till the end,
Ruled by those who have no end.

Their masters, they have come to fear,
Their masters, they cannot bear to hear.
Their masters, who killed the ones so dear.

And yet the hope doesn’t fade away,
And yet one hope is here to stay.
Go on, we’ll find the way.

Every little soul I’ve known,
Wears a mystic mask unknown.

And when it starts to wear away,
They scramble up to cover the fray.

Yet unbeknownst to all,
The frays are the lace that contours the face.

However, they seek to hide,
Undercover, should they confide.

A glimpse or two is all we knew,
But such beauty lay hidden beneath those blues.

Gruesome wars they fought with those masks
And yet, they never sought to ask.

I watch those pretty souls fade into the hues,
Their masks taking over their residues.

Every little soul I’ve known,
Wears a mystic mask unknown.

Fairytales in the haze
The melody, it breaks the daze
Our hearts caught up in a blaze
They beckon toward a better day
We venture on our ways
The shallow pathway a torrent maze
Yet we go on to make our place
Hard work they said off it pays
Yet the sorrows they build a glaze

But we go on forward

Toward an eternal home
Toward a place we once knew

Let the sorrows rest untold.
Let the bloodshed bloom, unfold.

Let the horrors rest unknown,
Let the bloodshed rest unheard.

We shall reach the utopian freed,
Let it not it be masked as a guillotine.

We pray we reach the utopian dream,
Hoping against hope it doesn’t turn into a dystopian dream.

Oh thy holy one…
Could you sing us the tale long sung
A lonesome quarry
Chased by glory
Would you pity the maiden?

They speak of power, of dignity,
Yet those vices never reach till infinity.

Haunted by the devils therein,
She sought to seek refuge within.

Until a lonesome night
When she met an uptight knight
And slowly as they quarreled forth,
Hate to love did they ignite.

And as surely as the stars burned above,
Our lovers, they fell deeper in love.

Blissful nightingale,
Would you bless us with your perfect gaze?
So divine yet so lonely,
Do you seek our company?
We may be mundane
But we entertain
Oh my lovely nightingale.

Blissful sparrow,
Would you get away from us with your hateful sorrow?
So cheery yet not divine
Have we ever seen you whine?
We are the solace that you seek
We are noble at our peak
Oh my wretched sparrow.

Crimson blossom,
Would you hear our crimes?
Would you hold us closer?
Would you see our might?

Lonely swallow,
Would you sing our fears away?
Would you hear our prayers?
Would you cleanse our loathsome ways?

Vengeful Shadow,
Would you trust us, our place?
Would you tarnish our grave?
Would you give us the hope we crave?

In this ratchet of despair
I cry tears of remorse
I sink alone, away
To an island so mellow

A haven of pleasure
A place devoid of fear
A harbour of leisure
A shelter of cheer

Away from the crackles that unfurled
I stay, hypnotized by its worth
I linger in my haven, curled
I stay, hypnotized by its wicked mirth

Yet in sweetness lies the rancour
So willing to take over
I pray to remember
The fragments they surrender

I scuffle, trying to be vile
But they know what I hide
So I put up a smile
I’m beguiled

But my heart fails my shows
And the wicked comes and goes

Meanwhile I drown in my sorrow
In this pity I mellowed
All my ghosts they bellowed

“My lady, your fears?” They ask.
“Only you, that I’ll pass.”
“Any wishes, poor maiden?”
“I wish I’d been brought back”
“For your soul, kind and gold,
I could let you go home.”
“But the catch?” I ask, my anger growing unmasked.
“Your soul, my lad, a deal sure to make you sad.”
“I’ll pay the price, just let me rise, end this agony.”

I accepted my fate,
Let my misery behave,
And the last breath I take,
I see their faces, dismayed.

Haikus : Volume I

Rise, magical one, I hath been waiting for you since the rise of the first dawn.

Days run endlessly,
Their bleakness a pandemic.
And so we go on.

A bird on a branch,
Observing this cruel world,
She flies far away.

Burn, my wretched heart.
The hatred inside me bleeds;
A sad deathly red.

Crystals, they beckon,
So pretty, mesmerizing,
Fall, expectations.

Scattered rays of light,
They twirl with colours perfect;
So divine, ablaze.

The abyss is near
Doom is written in our cards
Goodbye, cruel world

Letters : Volume I

Blossom, the flower of flowers. Your grace stuns me unto forevermore.

A Letter To My Once Beloved

I’m not sure I know how to describe this feeling. It stretches my heart into painful strands, tearing it apart, held with no sympathy. I trusted you to be the bearer of my trust, forever entwined to harbor my hopes and dreams, and also my darkest pains and desires. I’m not sure if I can ever bear my heart open to you this way. This might be the only time in which I can tell you this, and I have to, if I don’t want the words to be lost forever into the endless abyss. Tell me, have you ever felt lusts such as this? It undos me in a multitude of ways, all of which scare me in plentiful pains. I wish that I could end this letter on a good note, and that all ends well between us. Read on the words that follow, with a dreary knowledge that this is the truth and nothing but.

Admission Of My Sin

I’m not sure how it ever came to this. Feelings of kinship and trust, all torn away by simple actions of destruction. I wonder if anything would have been different if I hadn’t done that. Would you have changed? Would you have become a better person? A hero? My heart lies in tormenting doubt. I am not sure if I should regret my sins. Are they to be even considered as sins when if I hadn’t intervened he would have slain us all? Tell me! My heart aches with this guilt, and yet I cannot be punished. Not yet. There is much to be done, too much to undo. The stench of his blood on my hands may never leave me, but I swear that I will make it worth it. I have sinned, but I shall complete my goal. Until then, I shall not rest.


It’s forbidden. We both know this. And yet, why do our hearts desire what’s not allowed? I’m ready to be sentenced to a thousand sins if it means going back to you: into your arms, late in the night. Do you feel the same? Do you feel the ache that builds up within me when I touch you? The desire for more tugs at me, rendering me completely at your mercy. Feel my emotions everywhere, learn the language of my body. Whisper to it flowery poems and sacred spells. It’s forbidden, but I’d sin with you than remain pure with others.