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About me

Just a country gal…

I’m a southern gal…born and raised. I love the Lord, my family, coffee, shimmery things, books, animals, and all things 80s and 90s.

I have been a longtime supporter of accessories especially jewelry. I feel like your jewelry tells the story of WHO you are and the things you LOVE. ❤️ It is always an HONOR to help someone tell their story…what does yours say?

About Plunder

What we are about…

Here at Plunder we have an abiding love for all things savvy and vintage. That’s how our company began! In fact, one of the first pieces of Plunder jewelry our founder and CEO Hillary Adams made came straight out of her grandmother’s collection. She took her brooches and trinkets and built a piece she absolutely fell in love with. ❤️

Hillary realized, as she examined the old tissue paper of pieces found in estate sales, the difference of the mentality of a generation much older than ours. 💎 Gems and jewels, be they simple costume jewelry or extravagant diamonds, were cherished pieces. 🥰 They were prized by women who had little else during times of great hardship.

THIS inspired the idea to bring back to life the age-old mentality of treasured jewels, prized belongings, and a grateful heart. ❤️ She wanted women of all walks of life to feel the ageless beauty that comes with wearing timeless pieces.

Thus…Plunder was born and now…I can share it with all of you. ❤️