Meet Vianney Leigh

Vianney Leigh (she/her) is the founder of Status Flow Collective. She empowers and activates you to discover the power of your menstrual cycle. Standing fearlessly in her activated womb power, she aims to challenge and disrupt the status quo of menstruation and feminine energy. Vianney IS a force and leader in menstrual cycle & energy alignment.

Weaving her intuitive and integrative healing approach into the lives of people who dread their periods or haven’t been able to maximise the magic of the monthly cycle, Vianney leaves a trail of liberation, balance, and expanded soul frequencies in her wake.

Embodying the cyclical flow, seasons, and rhythm of life, the freedom to be fully seen and expressed in our soul truth, and collectively rising together are the pillars that ground and support her soul business temple which she invites you to journey into through the Status Flow Collective portal.

Women who have been taught that productivity is how you are valued and considered worthy. Women who have been disconnected from their body, intuition, and spirit are ready to journey back to themselves. Women who feel dissatisfied with their life, business and relationships and want to trust their body, even if they haven’t been able to in the past.

This is your sign. These are the souls she serves with her full, open, and whole heart.

Vianney's magic has been affirmed and celebrated by many sources. Moody Month, Rha Goddess, TOTM Organic, Happy Period, and BBC London to name but a few.

Her circle is grateful for her soul-speaking energy, her magnetic presence, and her unwavering commitment to accessing your creativity, expanding your consciousness and spirituality by using your menstrual cycle as a guide to your personal healing awakening.

My YouTube Channel

Status Flow Collective with Vianney Leigh

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