Welcome to my galaxy


I am made of stars that shines even in the darkest. An introvert yet extrovert when my pixie’s of mood swings would burst. My way of listening to music makes my body move and groove, not a professional dancer but a frustrated singer.

I wrote drafts of my stories and poetries on my secret journal where I don’t want anyone to read it. Galaxy of words would literally flood my mind everyday that no one would actually understand its stars.

I glow like the stars

Kate Yparraguirre

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Cleaning my room ft. Room tour

Every night before going to sleep I always find myself staring at the sky watching all the stars. Making me realize that I was waiting for a shooting star to possibly passed by. Counting all the sparkling lights up there, smiling while stargazing. It just amazed me how God made all these beautiful sparkling and glimmering stars.

Then there I had wished that someday if the time comes, in which I would be gone I hope I will be one of your stars

Do you deserve the best?

“Yes, I deserve daisies rather than roses. I deserve the moon rather than the stars. I deserve the best rather than the worst” — I said


Always remember,

If your stars don’t spark at all does not mean you lose every magic you have. Sometimes your heart kept them inside, for your soul to be safe.

Me & the sea ~





Salty hair


Tell the world what you’re made of

I’m a beaut, I need sincerity.
I’m a gold, I need security.
I do my own thing, I’m independent.
I care of others thoughts, I’m kind.
I have dislikes, I am not a hypocrite.
I have a heart, it’s fragile.

How I survive college?

Sharing some tips

Tip #1: Find/Explore your study habit —

You may use different techniques that may help you in memorizing/familiarizing your lessons. I know that studying is quite boring but you need to find your study habit now before its too late.

Study now, laude later

Tip #2: Know your circle —

For a couple of weeks or months you will have your own circle. If someone needs help in understanding a certain subject please help them. You wouldn’t know maybe next time when you need help they may also return the favor.

Friends are for life

Tip #3: Read your books every night —

I am aware that it would be nice to go to bed after using our phones or coming home from class. Yes, going to sleep is okay, but don't forget to read your books. Just one page or one chapter will do! Please work on this technique so that it would be simple for you to understand and that you wouldn't have to cram on exam day. This is a really useful promise!

Cram is for the weak

Tip #4: Pray before you study —

This is really really helpful. But of course don’t just pray for yourself. You should also pray for your friends or for the whole batch to pass you exams and quizzes

Prayer works

Tip #5: Don’t forget to rest! —

If you are sleepy or you are tired just rest or go to sleep. Don’t force it because your brain cannot absorb it all, specially when you are really really tired. Remember even cellphones run out of battery.

Health is wealth

Tip #6: Don’t cram! —

I know there are people here who like to do things a minute or two before the deadline because that's where best ideas come out. Well, I would personally tell you that you must not do that, because you might get used to it. Been there, done that, and I regret it.

Work early


We all know that when it's allowance day, we're all excited because our everyday food is no longer pancit canton, eggs, or corned beef. But mind you, if you spend your allowance at the beginning of the week (which is Monday-Tuesday) there is a possibility that your money for the rest of the week will not be enough (applicable for weekly allowance). Because you tend to eat and spend all you want on Mondays and Tuesdays, not knowing there is also Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Spend money wisely

Tip #8 : Track your expenses —

This really helped me in budgeting my money. Like legit. For example, you will spend a lot of money on Wednesday because you want to eat out, so you will spend like above 500 or 1000 that day. On the next day, your expenses should not reach 200 above. And I'll assure you that when next week comes, you will be very happy because your allowance has increased because you still have the money you saved.

Save > Spend

Never let your loath ruin what you have

anger is a weakness

When I turned 24

Life lessons


Be humble

If life would throw you flowers remember to keep your feet on the ground. Never look down or laugh at other people’s experiences just because you are already successful. Tables will always and forever will turn. So be kind.


Don’t overshare

I am a living testament that oversharing may trigger evil eyes. Sometimes it’s better to keep it in yourself if there is a good news coming. You can share it with your closest friends but always be careful. You will never know who are true with their intentions.


Learn to say no sometimes

People nowadays may use your kindness for them to fulfill their pleasures. Saying no doesn’t mean you are already a bad person, saying no means, you are respecting your self and giving boundaries to people who don’t deserve your help.


Save > Spend

Use your money more for your needs and not your wants. You can use several techniques in budgeting your money such as tracking your expenses and weighing the needs & the wants.


Focus on your happiness

Never depend your happiness on other people. Being happy with yourself or with your presence alone is enough.


Love yourself

You don’t need to impress and please others just for you to feel loved. Accepting and loving yourself is more than enough. Accept your flaws, focus on your happiness, and improve yourself not for others but for you and you only.


Block, mute, snooze toxic fake people

Blocking/muting is really healthy for your mental health. I have snoozed and block multiple people in my socials & in person and it gave me a peace of mind. Never let them ruin your serenity.


Put God at the center of your life

Without him, we are nothing. In those dark days, God will always be our light. Trust in him and have faith in him, then your life will be complete.

My board exam story

During the review, I was kind of lost. I don’t know where to start reading, what subject I should read first, or how to start writing my notes. Tbh, I was really sad about my scores during my review because I couldn’t reach the exact passing score. I was unmotivated, emotionally unstable (because of pressure, expectations, and being afraid of failure +++ overthinking every night), and physically tired (due to the early sessions of our review).

Messy sleeping patterns, uncountable caffeine consumption, breakouts and breakdowns—it was really a long roller coaster ride for the months of June and July. But I am still thankful to the people who were always there for me—to comfort me, assure me, and believe in my strength

I never forget to pray every day and every night and ask for his guidance because I know that our Almighty God has great plans for me, and I surrender them all to him, and he does not fail me.

This chapter marks a new milestone for me. I will always remember what God taught me about this journey: be humble, stay kind, have faith, and let go of all the excess baggage I’ve been carrying.

So, cheers to me and to my friends na RMT na! Finally finally I MADE IT! WE MADE IT!

Get to know me more

10 facts about me

Fact 101

When I was 1 year old I was diagnosed of Intestinal obstruction secondary to congenital bond

Fact 102

I have Tourette’s syndrome

Fact 103

My mother is half chinese & my father is half spanish

Fact 104

I get hungry every hour

Fact 105

I have an obsession in shoes

Fact 106

I wrote some of my poems based on imagination

Fact 107

In our family, I am and will always be the one call MD (Magandang Driver)

Fact 108

Driving, journaling, poetry & dancing are my coping mechanisms

Fact 109

Graduated and got my licensed at 24

Fact 110

I’m sensitive AF