My path forward

My passion is helping inspire and support others to strive to be their best.

I know the impact of working in challenging, fast-paced and ever-changing environments. My journey to yoga began because of the impact of 20+ years of long hours commuting and working in a sedentary job in that kind of environment. I was in pain and I was not headed down a good path. My family history of cancer and heart disease, as well as being in the sandwiched generation with young children and elderly parents to care for, also loomed over me. I knew something had to change. I had this feeling that I was on a path of rediscovery and I needed to step up.
My fitness journey was intermittent since my late teens and as a middle-aged mom, my metabolism suffered. I finally committed to make fitness a more consistent part of my life. I worked hard at home to get in shape and eat more nourishing foods, lost weight and joined a gym, but I knew my rediscovery wasn't just about the physical impact. From my experience, it was clear there is a deep connection and balance between the mind, body and spirit. If one area is neglected, it affects the others and creates an imbalance. So I needed a sustainable way to carve out time for working on nourishing and nurturing my whole self.

Although yoga aligns with this beautifully, I was hesitant about incorporating yoga because I didn’t really know what to expect, but then I started. I took my first class. This led to my discovery that yoga wears many hats, just like me, and I started incorporating small amounts of various kinds of yoga practice into my week. This brought me focus and peace, as well as increased balance, strength, energy and mobility. Stepping out of the bubble of stress and tending to my wellness felt good! I was able to be a better, braver me.

My path forward continues and now as a RYT, I am excited to share my learnings and empower others to enhance their wellness journey...

Group Classes

Why join my class?

Yoga is fun! If you aren't having fun in your wellness journey, then it will be harder to commit long-term. I love to dance and laugh (the best medicine) so I have been known to incorporate some fun into movement, while encouraging mindful practice, because it’s meant to be enjoyable!

Yoga offers variety and I am all over it, offering a comprehensive range from beginner/intermediate flows, breathing practices, meditation and yin yoga. I'm committed to ongoing learning so I will be building on my offerings. You can attend just one type of class or try a variety...the spice of life!

Yoga is approachable, it meets you where you are at on the mat, so I can help guide you in both location and ability. Contact me for online and in-person options.

As a Yoga Instructor, I offer…
Expert Knowledge
Independent Advice
Passion for how this practice can help you

Btw...it's positive vibes all the way. We meet on the mat with no room for negativity or toxicity. This is our time, our space to practice self-care, so it’s a positive, safe and respectful space.

We practice with a healthy mindset to nourish your mind, body and spirit.

Corporate Wellness benefits everyone

Enhancing your Corporate Culture & Wellness Initiatives

My passion is helping inspire and support others to strive to be their best.

Through my unique lens of 20+ years in corporate roles facilitating, instructing, co-developing and supporting various learning, growth and wellness initiatives, I excel at helping individuals and teams focus, listen and collaborate in order to improve communication, understanding and effectiveness. 

Now I am able to add another layer to guide individuals and teams to improve focus and enhance wellness through mindful yoga instruction.

Contact me to discuss a customized plan that works for your organization and enhance your Corporate Culture and Wellness Initiatives.

Private Sessions

Prefer 1on1 instruction?

You are worth caring about.
Invest in your well-being.

Yoga doesn’t need to take a lot of time; you can start with a practice of 10 minutes a day and build up to 30 minutes a day or more if it feels good. Wherever you are at with your personal practice, my 1 hr private sessions will guide you to increase confidence and keep you moving forward.

This is about you. It’s about your journey, your wellness, and your day-by-day improvement: mind, body and spirit.

So, start by starting. Contact me for online and in-person options.
As a Registered Yoga Instructor, I offer…
Expert Knowledge
Independent Advice
Passion for how this practice can help you

Yoga Retreats

Not available at this time but it's on the agenda!

My YouTube Channel

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Close your eyes

Sometimes you just need to close your eyes, take a few extra breaths in a pose and really feel grateful 🙏


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