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She is the Truth!

Hi lovelies, My name is Crystal and I’m an intuitive and clairaudient tarot reader. I specialize in both intuitive readings and shufflemancy.

Are you in need of some guidance? Let’s discuss!

I prefer prerecorded video/audio messages, so please make sure to leave your email. When booking, please allow up to (48) hours before receiving your reading via email. If you have not received a response within (48) hours, please email me:

Sipsometruthserum [at] gmail.com

FYI- Yes, I cuss (curse) so if that is offensive to you, I’m not the reader for you. :)

Please Note: Although tarot can be an amazing way to seek clarity or guidance, it by no means is a replacement for medical, legal, or financial advice.

All readings are for entertainment purposes and Truth Serum assumes no responsibility and expressly disclaim any liability for any use of this material.



Check out what people are saying :)


“Truth serum the name is self-explanatory so accurate and honest!”

“I am truly amazed by her accuracy. Her Vibes make you feel so comfortable I will always seek advice from her ! She has become my personal guide.”

- T. H.


“I decided on a general reading with Crystal and this review will highlight that particular reading.”

“At the beginning of the session I was able to ask three specific questions that she was able to dive into. The reading was very insightful and she touched on a few things I've been worried and/or thinking about lately. She broke down everything to me and the reading was easy to follow and understand. I didn't leave the session with more questions or uneasiness. I felt as though she answered a lot of things I've been questioning in my life lately. I enjoyed this reading and would highly recommend her.”

- M. B.


“At first I was nervous about getting a reading because it was something new and I didn't know what to expect.”

“...But after receiving one from Crystal and seeing how everything unfolded as it was told to me during the reading it blew my mind! Even now I'm still shocked a year later how accurate it was and how it prepared me for something that could have mentally destroyed me.”

- J. C.


“I had been praying for guidance during a very turbulent transition in my life and Crystal’s meaningful reading came right as I settled into the new phase...”

“I wrote down the messages she received and was immediately able to relate to them or watched them come to pass over the next months. The gems she soothingly but affirmatively gave me through cards and music still resonate with me now, and many phrases have been added to my vision board as reminders. From the confirmation of things already stirred in my spirit to the regret I felt in moments I know I didn't listen to her, I know for sure her gift is ordained and genuine. I highly recommend everyone experience a reading with her.”

- C. D.


“My experience with Crystal doing my reading...”

“It really surprised me. Everything she said was on point to the T, and I couldn't believe it. She saw things that I didn't see coming and it actually happened. Her reading also helped me to prepare for the situation at hand. I really feel she has an amazing gift that she should keep sharing with the world.”

-T. J.


“In my reading with Crystal, she actually heard the name of the person that I would be dating for a few months now.”

“She has always brought clarity, has always had me shook. Always on point and very very clear. I usually get more than I even expected or even bargained for. I leave with long lasting understanding, hope, and inspiration. The messages are super clear and what she usually states does unfold. YOU BETTA LISTEN TO WHAT SHE SAYING WITH HER ALLUMVOYANCE!”

- L. F.


"I had never had a reading done before so naturally I was skeptical about having one done."

I've had several readings done by Crystal and all I can say is WoW!! She was so accurate & on point I felt like she was in my head( Lol) She was very detailed in her readings and made me feel comfortable! I would definitely recommend you to try her readings!”

- K. J.


“I had an amazing outer body experience with Crystal...”

“I can be very reserved when it comes down to trying new things, but she made me feel comfortable and explained each reading to a T. Actually she was spot on with everything without me giving information. These last few months I have grown so much and one tip she gave stood out more than the rest. I am now loving me every moment I get and surrounding myself with all positive vibes. I am no longer available to everyone and love it. Thanks sis for the reading and continue to share your gift. If you haven't trusted her with your reading you are seriously missing out. Invest in yourself and try something new.”

- M. C.


Tarot/Oracle Decks

You need some Truth Serum in your life? Purchase your oracle deck today!

DISCLAIMER: Our decks are currently only shipped through the manufacturer directly and NOT with us (truth serum).

Any questions about your deck, or shipping should be done directly through the manufacturer's website.

We will keep you posted on when we'll be restocking decks and shipping directly again.

Thank you for your patience and continued support! 💖


Sip Some Truth Serum Oracle Deck

Need some tough love? Sip Some Truth Serum contains divinely guided messages that tell you exactly what you needed to hear at just the right time...and sometimes, that even includes an F bomb or two. Thirsty? Come sip on some truth serum. :)


Truth Serum Shufflemancy Oracle Deck

As a clairaudient, music and lyrics have always been an integral part of my spiritual journey so creating a shufflemancy deck was a no brainer. Each song was divinely handpicked for these beautiful oracle cards and the lyrics were like downloads to my spirit. I pray you have a similar experience.


Before you go...

In accordance with the law in several countries, I must inform you that you agree to receive a reading from Truth Serum on the understanding that it is given for research, spiritual and/or entertainment purposes only.  

The accuracy of any reading cannot be guaranteed. All and any information is given as guidance only and is subject to your own personal interpretation. Any decisions and/or choices you make based on this guidance remain your sole personal and legal responsibility.  If you require specific legal, financial, medical or other advice, you should seek a suitable licensed professional.

To use these services, you must be over 18 years of age. By scheduling and/or paying for any service offered through Truth Serum you are attesting that you have read this disclaimer and accept these terms of service, and that you are over 18 years of age.

Thank you.