Vanessa Solis

My dad’s Mexican and my mom’s Filipino, I grew up in a small town hearing shit like, “What are you?” “ You’re just a chink.” Where are you really from?” “Oh, well I’m American” Words like this instilled in me that I was always going to be different, never belong, and never enough.

Studying Sociology at UCSB during my undergrad I started to understand why the world was the way it was. Steeped in racism, sexism, homophobia, and other systems of oppression. And I wanted to do something about it.

My first “big girl” job was doing admin work for a non profit that facilitated trainings around social justice issues, and I got to facilitate too. I loved it. But I wanted more. I learned that I also have privilege, and to use it. I wanted to serve people most vulnerable, and dismantle the systems of oppression I was training others to understand.

I got my Masters in Social Work at SFSU, and entered the world of Child Welfare. The work was heartwarming, and heart breaking. I was in the field for over 10 years, made my up to County middle management. But there was no single handedly dismantling the child welfare system.

I knew I had to create change in a more intimate way. I wanted to open a private therapy practice where I could do the trauma informed work I knew I was good at, without the burden of a bureaucracy telling me what was right or wrong, when and how to serve people.

But I was scared. I didn’t see many people that looked like me taking a chance on themselves, and making it on their own. But I wanted to “be the change you wish to see.” So, I took a chance on myself. I invested in a a lot clinical training, personal therapy and my own coaching. I invested in myself.

Now I own a group practice that provides specialized mental health care for women of color, specializing in use of EMDR & Brainspotting. In addition, I coach and consult with other BIPOC wellness professionals that want to represent in a field where we are underrepresented, and change the game too.

Any of this resonate? I wanna connect with you!

Empowerment Coaching

Imposter Syndrome is Deep for People of Color

You see your colleagues getting promotions and starting businesses, but you cant seem to make your next move. You know what you want to do, and what you need to do, but the actually doing it part… yeah.

Yes, imposter syndrome is a thing everyone talks about and everyone can relate to. Or can they? The idea of imposter syndrome suggests that the problem is personal, requiring mindset shifts on part of the individual. Which yes, is true.

But, for people of color, there is more that contributes to imposter syndrome then personal mindset flaws. Existing in racist/sexist society, we are constantly bombarded with messages that we are not enough, and don’t belong. We are subjected to racial trauma while just being who we are,

We cant make racism, sexism, homophobia go away on our own. But we can change the way we’ve internalized that bullshit, starting with unlearning oppressive truths we’ve held about ourselves, shaped by the world around us.

Brainspotting is a healing modality I use with my coaching, to help to change your brain and ultimately change your life. Imagine what it would be like to really show up in the world they way you know you were meant to?

Are you ready?

EMDR Consultation for BIPOC Therapists

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Pick My Brain Sesh


A lot of lessons are learned along the way of licensure, private practice and entrepreneurship. I’ve invested in a lot of training, courses, and coaching and learned from a lot of mistakes.

Whether you want to start your own practice, have questions about professional goals/options you have, or have an idea you want to mull over… I’m down to share my journey and what I’ve learned along the way.

Some things you can pick my brain about:

*How I left my “stable” county job, and made it in full time private practice

*How I was able to take 6months off for maternity leave still being in private practice

*Making shit happen as a mom in private practice

* What it’s like to start a group practice

Or whatever else you think might be helpful to talk about to get you where you want to go.

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