Again, But Better!!!

01 JAN 2022

Back again, again. Nothing too extravagant, just a-letting you know where I’ve been for the past two years. And maybe, maybe, a long-form project or two.

Recent Posts

Fuck J.K. and Fuck You, Too!

If you’re someone who professes to be dedicated to social justice causes you can’t keep jumping through hoops to qualify continued support of a bigot for the sake of childhood nostalgia.

Y’all Need to Fuckin’ Read

Take it upon yourself to find the full context of the things you see, especially when it comes to celebrities and other people of influence.

The World As We Know It

World building is essential to any stories coherence and immersion, but, um, My Hero Academia doesn’t do a very good job with that.

3 Additional Mini Reviews

I’ve got some extra time to spare, so let’s talk about some of the stuff I’ve been into real quick. Three stuff’s, to be exact.

Send in the Clowns

The conversation around “Joker” has swerved very hard and very fast into hyperbole, and these Olympian levels of reaching are causing a lot of undue panic.

On the Little Mermaid

It’s the funniest thing to see white people yammer on about white representation whenever a character is racebent. They just can’t not run their mouths about everything.

BBNH: Introduction

The introduction post to what could be considered a very long farewell letter to the My Hero Academia series.

On Captain Marvel Mania

The arguments over Captain Marvel are ridiculous. People are out here camping like their lives depend on it. I really want this movie to be gone already.

2019 Resolutions & Goals

After much tired, I’m ready to kick off 2019 with some solid yearly resolutions. I’m going to really try and not fuck it up, folks. Promise.

On Awards Shows

Awards shows are antiquated and elitist. Rather than suggesting ways to change them to be “more inclusive” can we just all collectively stop giving a shit about them?