Welcome to Wellness

A place for you to move, nourish and rest your body and mind.

Welcome to this mini space for Wellness, a place holder for exciting things to come.

I have always believed that when our wellness is in balance, we are able to live as our most healthy, confident and comfortable selves.

The world we live in has led us to buying and believing in many distortions about how to change, love and treat our health. This has left so many confused on how to reach their goals, working counterproductively towards them or too afraid to begin all together.

And the most basic things have been left out; movement that suits you, foods that nourish you, sleep quality, reducing and controlling stress or anxiety, hydration, building self confidence and creating routines that makes you feel your best.

Here I will share what you can do to take control of what wellness means to you and we can work together to get you there.

Health Coach
BappSci (Human Nutrition) & Adv. Cert in Exercise Prescription

Steps towards Wellness

My top recommendations for reaching Wellness


If you’re feeling unbalanced and can’t pinpoint what’s wrong or where to start, try this mini Wellness check in to uncover why you’re not feeling your best.

Mini Wellness check in


No one builds their ideal movement, nutrition, sleep, hydration, confidence or self care routines in a day, week or month. These take time to develop, they will become your new normal as long as you aim to practice every day and refuse to give up.


You don’t have to have all the answers, sometimes we all need a little help. Let’s chat about what you’re struggling with and create a plan to getting you feeling healthy, comfortable and confident.

Get a little guidance

Let’s chat.

If you’re afraid to begin, feeling out of balance or not seeing the progress you want; get in touch to find out how we can work together.

Mini Wellness Self Check In

Answer these questions as a starting place to discover what areas of your health could use some extra attention.

Movement + Nourishment

How has your sleep been? (Quantity, quality, night time routine, how easy do you fall asleep, how easy do you wake up)

How has your eating been? (Are you eating in a way that makes your body and mind feel good, is it helping or hindering you reaching your goals, are you getting enough protein/fibre/fruits/vegetables, how is your consumption of high sugar foods or takeaways, are you eating without guilt or negative emotions, are you eating enough, do you feel like you know what foods are in line with your goals, what are your nutrition goals)

How is your level of movement? (Are you moving in a way you want to, not think you should, are you getting enough for health, are you moving in the way that will help you reach your goals, are you progressing, are you comfortable in a gym setting, what’s holding you back, what are you working towards, what are your fitness goals)

Physical + Social Environment

Who are you surrounded by? Are you surrounded with people you like? What sort of influence do they have on you? Are they supportive? Are you inspired by them?

Are you a good friend/partner? What makes you a good friend/partner? What could you do to better yourself for the people you care about?

Do you like your work/job? How do you feel when you wake up on a workday compared to a non work day? Is the environment good for your health? What sort of habits does working there get you into? Do you feel valued?

Do you like your living space? Is this in your control? Do you respect and look after your belongings? Do you keep your space clean? Does a clean space influence how you feel? What colours do you like to be around? How does your space make you feel?

Self confidence + mental health + beliefs

How is your mental state? What are you doing to keep it in a good space? Do you know how to keep it in a good space? Do you know what to do when it drops? Are you searching for care on problems that you feel like are out of your control? Do you know how to motivate yourself when your mental health drops? Do you know how to build resilience?

What are some beliefs you have about yourself? About what you can achieve? About your own potential? Do you believe that changing your body will make you feel better about yourself? Do you feel good about yourself? Do you know how to make you feel good about yourself?

Are you as confident as you would like to be? Do you know how to work on your confidence? Do you know what negatively effects your confidence?