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Why Yoga & Beyond ?

The Yoga & Beyond is a brainchild of two like minded yoga lovers and practioners; Recha Tewary and Shikha Sood, who owe a lot of positive transformations in their life to Yoga, so much so that they decided to leave their high paying corporate jobs inorder to take Yoga and its healing benefits to the world in a systematic manner.

Having been a yoga practitioner for almost 7 years, they decided to acquire professional teaching skills by doing super intensive courses and certifications from renowned institutions.

A mind-body-breath practice, yoga, according to the founders, is much more than just streching and making different formations with the body. Yoga can be experienced not only on the mat but off mat too if someone really makes an attempt to understand the essence of it. Subjects like Emotional healing, Mindfulness and Self Love are some other topics which they deeply care about and through this property, they want to offer a platform to those who are struggling to find a safe and authentic way to learn and incorporate Yoga into their life.

You are invited to take the first step towards Self Love and give us an opportunity to make you fall in love with Yoga.

Day 1 Schedule ~ 19 June 2021, Saturday

Session 1 by Recha Tewary
08:00 - 09:00
Befriend Suryanamaskar (Sun Salutations) A step by step guide with its myriad benefits

In WFH there is barely any time to unwind- let alone exercise! If you find yourself as a part of the same equation, well, fret not! You barely need to take out multiple hours to stay fit. All you need is to look beyond earth to solve your problem. Towards the sun, perhaps? Surya Namaskar -A complete workout for your entire physical system - with no equipment at all.

Session 2 by Shikha Sood
18:00- 19:00
Releasing Emotions through hip-opening Yoga - Part 1 (Part 2 is scheduled for tomorrow at the same time)

Hips tend to store a lot of repressed or unprocessed emotions making it difficult for humans to open up to newer possibilities in life. Tight hips are also known to increase load on the spine leading to its overuse. Join me for a 2 hour workshop spread over 2 days that will focus on loosening and lengthening of the muscles in the hip area, lower back and hamstrings. We will be working through a series of gentle yoga sequence making space within the body to flow more freely, emotionally and physically.

Day 2 Schedule ~ 20 June 2021, Sunday

Session 1 by Recha Tewary
08:00 - 09:00
Yoga for Women, Take charge of your mental & physical wellness

“Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.” ― Nora Ephron
Women are competent, versatile, and successful - dynamic at work, and doting at home! But they are also stretched and stressed. While they look after everyone around them, who looks after them? The answer lies in Yoga - the balance that today’s ‘beauty with brains’ needs! We will discuss different women's issues and how Yoga can help.

Session 2 by Richa Ekka
Self Love Masterclass

Richa believes that self love goes beyond getting your nails and hair done, it goes beyond retail therapy or going to the spa. Self love is saying no to things that are not serving you, it is connecting with yourself, recognising the person you see in the mirror and receiving it with love and compassion, it is not beating yourself up for the smallest of things but letting things go. Self love is knowing your with and asking for what you want and then being open to receiving it without resistance. Self love is connecting to your body and knowing its power.
Self love practices and rituals have allowed me to overcome my self doubt & habit of self criticism and live my life from a place of compassion & love where I’m listening to my body, my intuition & making decisions that are my truth. Not from obligation, not from doing it for others. But from a place from within where I know I get to keep choosing myself & putting myself first.
During this one hour session, Richa will share with you her favourite self love practices followed by Q&A from the attendees.

Session 3 by Shikha Sood
18:00- 19:00
Releasing Emotions through Hip-opening Yoga - Part 2

This is the second day of the 2 day workshop where we take a step further and dive deeper into the concepts and asanas that we explored on day 1 completely releasing repressed and unprocessed emotions making you feel mentally and physically lighter and refreshed.

Day 3 Schedule ~ 21st June '21, Monday

Session 1 by Recha Tewary
Work from home - How to build an effective Home Yoga Practice

A session to help you establish your home practice where you really learn to move at your own pace, listen and respond to your body, and develop greater consistency and frequency in your yoga practice. Here you can learn some basic building blocks that will allow you to start putting together sequences of your own and to approach your home practice with more confidence.

Session 2 by Shikha Sood
19:00- 19:45
Improve your Sleep Quality with Yoga Nidra

Excessive and unaddressed stress can impact the optimum functioning of body and mind negatively in many different ways, especially the quality and quantity of sleep. After a long and hectic day, you are invited to experience the practice of Yoga Nidra, a simple and guided meditation that can help you unwind and reduce stress in a systematic manner.

Pricing Plan

Option 1
*3 Day Pass*
You pay Rs 2999 and get access to all 7 online sessions scheduled between 19th and 21st of June
30 mins one-on-one Complimentary Session with Recha or Shikha

Option 2
*2 day Pass*
You pay Rs 2499 and get access to 5 sessions scheduled between 19th and 20th of June.

Option 3
*Per Session Pass*
Not sure, if you can commit your time for all 3 days.
All sessions are individually priced at Rs 1000. So pick the one of your liking and sign up.

Early Bird Discount

Sign up now to avail 10 % discount. Valid till 12th June'21

Meet the Speakers

Recha Tewary

"Don't Box Me- I am an Adventurer "

I feel in love with yoga 7 years back & since then I have been exploring the art of Hatha and Iyengar Yoga practices. I truly believe that yoga is for all and is the perfect addition to one’s fitness and wellness routine. You just need to roll out the mat and discover it for yourself. As a yoga teacher I help my students take control of their health and a s a financial planner I help my clients take control of their finances. Health & Wealth are the two very important parts of our life.

Shikha Sood

Corporate professional turned certified Yoga Teacher | Perennial Yoga Student | Marketing Consultant | MBA |B-Tech

Let me help you make yoga, your companion for life.

Having experienced deep and transformative impact on my overall wellbeing through 7 years of yoga practice under the guidance of several trained teachers, I decided to move on from my corporate life and venture out on my own. Cut to the present, I am now a professionally qualified Hatha Yoga teacher (500 + Hours), Content Writer and a Freelance Marketing Consultant. I am determined to share my knowledge and experience of yoga to help people discover its wonderful healing benefits and get relief from the stress brought on by a hectic modern lifestyle.

Recha Ekka

Richa Ekka is an indigenous woman from the tribes of East India. She is a life coach, breath work facilitator & pleasure consultant for last 5 years. She holds space and offers programs on self love and how to process emotions through breath work to feeling it to healing it. She believes that self love goes beyond getting your nails & hair done, it goes beyond retail therapy or going to the spa. Self love is saying no to things that are not serving you, it is connecting with yourself, recognizing the person you see in the mirror and receiving it with love and compassion, it is not beating yourself up for the smallest of things but letting things go. Her Self love practices & rituals have allowed her to overcome her self doubt & habit of self criticism & live her life from a place of compassion & love where she’s listening to her body, her intuition & making decisions that are her truth.

Shweta Jain

Shweta is a Biotechnologist turned Hatha Yoga Instructor, Mindfulness Coach, and Behavioural Psychologist. After having pursued her passion to be a Scientist in the Bio-pharmaceutical industry for almost a decade and years of self-practice and learning experiences, she was connected to her true purpose of life, which is to teach Yoga and Mindfulness to children and adults in a way that it can become a part of their lives forever. Her eclectic knowledge in combination with her engaging personality, non-judgmental and simplified teaching skills have helped hundreds of people become a better version of themselves physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and energetically.

Ann Simi John , Clinical Psychologist

Ann Simi John is a practicing clinical psychologist and a psychotherapist from Delhi. She specialties in trauma work, stress and anxiety disorders, depression and marital issues. She works with both children and adults and has been in the practice for over 12 years. She believes that therapy helps transform people with emotional difficulties by learning adequate emotional skills that aid the healing process

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