terms & conditions

please read carefully!

001 — no cancellations or refunds without an unedited unboxing video

002 — only place order if you're 100% sure and willing to wait ( lead time: 1 - 3 weeks )

003 — everything is handmade in our studio, minor flaws may be possible due to the nature of the medium ; please manage your expectations ♡

004 — kindly settle payment within the given timeframe otherwise your slot will be forfeited

005 — shipping will be via shopee or gogo express! dimples.ph will not be liable for any delays and damages during the delivery of your items. any product damages during shipping are not in dimples.ph's control

how to take care of your trinkets

dimples care guide


- clean them with a soft damp cloth but do not leave them moist for a prolonged period of time or excessively wash them.
- we do not recommend wearing them while swimming/showering/sleeping as it may damage the product.
- store them separately and in a clean, cool and dry place. avoid direct sunlight, heat and solvents or perfumes.
- be gentle! we use a combination of stainless steel and 14k gold metals, and 14k gold is softer than brass so please do not treat them roughly, tug on them or bend them.

resin crafts

- to clean your resin, use a damp cloth or a little water and mild soap. resin is not waterproof, only water resistant, so avoid submerging your resin pieces in water for an extensive period of time.
- refrain from storing any piece in direct sunlight or near any heat source. some resins may yellow when exposed to long term sunlight or heat.
- our resin pieces are completely solid, however they are not scratchproof. sharp objects may cause abrasions to the surface, especially with the icing on our cake shakers.
- avoid exposing your resin to harsh chemicals and cleaning products (ex. cigarette smoke, cleaning agents, alcohol-based products such as acetone, hand sanitizer, perfume, etc.)